• How to Set Up Study Space in a Dorm Room

    Having a Quiet, Well-Lit Area to Work Can Improve Grades

    When living in a dorm, it can be difficult to find a space to study; dorm rooms are small and living with a roommate means space to use for schoolwork goes fast.

    Getting good grades is an important part of making the college experience successful. Knowing how to study is the most important step in maintaining good grades, but it is almost impossible to study or be even an essay writer in an area that’s not conducive to that activity. Setting up a study space will be invaluable for students whose grades are important.

    Communicate with Roommates

    If a student plans to study in the room, one of the most important things in making study space within a dorm is to communicate with roommates. If one student is trying to study and the other is watching America’s Next Top Model or a football game, no studying will get done due to the noise of the television.

    Talking to roommates at the beginning of the year about what time will be used for studying can help students avoid awkward situations and bad grades later on. Making sure each roommate expresses what expectations are had for study time, visits with friends and lights out –and respects that agreement –is the best way to get the year off on the right foot.

    Study at a Desk

    Studying in bed will lead only to ill-timed naps, and no studying will get done. Getting too comfortable while studying is just as distracting as being completely uncomfortable. Finding the right balance of support and comfort for studying will help students focus on the material without falling asleep.

    Students who have an organized, set area in which to keep notebooks, papers and homework when they’re not being used are more likely to be able to study effectively when it comes time to prepare for exams or write academic papers. Having well-kept desk drawers will keep students organized and able to find notes more quickly.

    The Best Desk Chairs for Dorms

    Many colleges will provide students with a desk and a chair. Without using a cushion, the provided chair will quickly become uncomfortable and make studying more challenging. Buying an inexpensive office-type chair can be a good investment, and the provided chair can act as a stepping stool or be used for storage.

    Looking for a mini-refrigerator for your dorm room? Here are some things to look for when you shop for a small refrigerator.

    Having a comfortable, supportive place to sit will allow students to sit and focus on the studying that needs to get done as opposed to spending time looking for somewhere to study that isn’t uncomfortable.

    Keep the Desk Organized and Well-Lit

    For a student serious about studying, the study desk needs to be well organized. Trying to study at a desk littered with food wrappers, dirty laundry and papers will be distracting and inefficient. For example, making sure the essay writer has an organized desk space will help promote studying and efficient writing. Having a desk cleared of everything but the task at hand –books, notes and a laptop –will help remove distractions and give the student a better change to work solely on studying.

    Having a proper lamp will also be beneficial for students. Working in the glare of an overhead lamp can be uncomfortable for students and lights that are too bright can cause headaches. Keeping a lamp on the student’s desk with an energy-efficient light bulb will help ensure that the student has enough light to see by and that the light won’t be overly bright.

    Study in a Library

    If studying the room becomes impossible, the library is often the next best place for students to get schoolwork done. Since the library is full of reference materials, it can be a great place to set up camp for exams or important papers. However, care needs to be taken to find an effective place to study in a library as well as in a dorm.

    Sitting at a table near a door can be distracting, and sitting in a dark corner of the library can lead to a nap. Finding a well-lit area where diversions are fewest and near an area with the necessary reference materials will be the best place to use for studying efficiently in a library.

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