Identifying silent signs of plumbing issues in your home

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Plumbing and drainage are essential parts of the whole house. You can end up losing your good night’s sleep if something goes wrong there. The sound of a leaky faucet or swirling toilet can be the most disturbing thing. Yet, you can get them quickly fixed because you know there is a problem. What about others that may not be immediately noticeable but tend to be a significant threat to your house’s structure? Before these become an emergency, let’s get cracking on them.

The hidden plumbing and drainage issues

Look for sewer odour

Almost every drain requires a trap and a trap a vent. The engineering of the device and pipe ensures your home doesn’t suffer from sewer gas. The vents in the house should push the smell up to the roof, and the drain traps should work as a water plug to stop the odour from entering your place through the sink drain. If your home smells of sewer gas, there are two possibilities – the trap has dried, or the vent line has some damage. If you can’t repair them, you can call a local Brisbane plumbing and drainage service for help. The professionals can solve this issue quickly.

Inspect the flow of water everywhere

If there is a distribution issue, your tap will not run a powerful stream of water. If you face slow force only at one or two points, you can examine the faucet aerator. However, the problem with water pressure in multiple locations at your home can indicate a bigger plumbing challenge. The supply line can be leaky, the primary water connection can be faulty, or there can be an issue with the water heating system. Since it can be risky and unwise to wait for further damage, you can contact an experienced plumber for this job.

Investigate the drainage system

Slow passing water through the drain is also a sign of weak plumbing. Still, you can remove clog near the drain to understand if it has solved or the problem is deep-rooted than you thought. If clogging is there down the line, snaking can be an option to get rid of it. However, if almost all the drains are causing the same issue, then you can imagine that a tree root is interrupting your sewer line, and you have to get it cleaned.

Look at water bills

Do you think your water bill has suddenly increased? It can be a burden on your wallet. But you have to find a reason behind this. The sudden hike can be because of the problem in the plumbing system, provided you did not consume more water than you usually do. Look for leakage in the toilet. Even one running toilet can cause tremendous water wastage. So, if you spot a problem there, make sure to correct it.

These are only a few examples. Your home can have many plumbing lines and drains. You have to keep them in good health so that it doesn’t suffer damps or unwanted conditions. And for this, you can consider hiring a trusted service provider.