Architecture is Bankrupted: What do you think?

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Architecture has been defined in various ways by many architects since time immemorial. Everyone has their own perception of what Architecture actually is. The reason being that art keeps on evolving until it reaches its higher potential and Architecture is most definitely an exquisite artform, hence putting Architecture into a definite bracket is quite impossible. The definition of Architecture keeps on evolving as per the evolution of time and era. It is also true that “Architecture is frozen music”, it is true what Lebbeus Woods said that “Architecture is definitely a political act” and also “Architecture is a choreography of Light” as defined by Le Corbusier. But what exactly Architecture is, is an ever evolving question. 

How do you perceive Architecture in current times? Or rather How is Architecture perceived in current times is the question on hand. What is the state of Architecture and where is it headed is something we need a perspective on.

Recently Architect Kamil Khan Mumtaz said in a documentary covered by Archi Times that “Architecture is Bankrupted”. This stems from the insight and a partial truth that there are almost infinite amounts of products available in the market which aids in making “Architecture” a beautiful and enticing “show product”. We can say that Architecture has gone awry in finding it’s soul but it is on it’s way nonetheless.

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