NT’s Habitat : Renovated Warehouse gave birth to a Residence for four | Flex.Atelier

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NT’s Habitat : Renovated Warehouse gave birth to a Residence for four | Flex.Atelier

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Our NT’s Habitat project is to renovate an old-small warehouse located in the all-year-around hot-dry weather of Phan Thiet city to become a lovely home for a family of four.

Functionality has always been one of our principles; as a result, within this particular project, we promoted this idea by firstly understanding the client’s needs and then observing the local environment to design a house that not only enhances the living but also harmonizes with the outside factors. To be more specific, the house consists of open areas for connecting and closed areas for privacy. The closed area includes bedrooms and bathrooms while the open area consists of working space, a kitchen, and a playground for kids. All connect to a skylight in the middle of the house. The presence of the skylight serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it enhances the ventilation to decrease the heat due to local weather. Secondly, it provides natural light during the daytime to minimize electricity consumption.

We used the common reinforcement concrete technique to create the construction frame, but the height is higher than usual to hold as much cool air as possible. Interestingly, the façade was made up of locally baked bricks and carefully installed, which enhances the beauty of the whole structure, creates channels for the airflow from outside to inside, and provide visibility for the households. Besides, sandstone sprayed white wall was used in the majority to reduce the absorption of sunlight.

Level one is the place family gather together the most. Because of the home working of the parents, the working area is designed in the space having an opening view and take care of their children easily. A little library is underneath the staircase where the children read their interesting book or take a nap in the middle of the day. Moreover, the playground area is also a delightful place and designed as a central place of the house by creating a lower layer. It represents as a dining place in daily casual, but it will transfer to a playground where gather all family members in holidays, especially in Tet holiday.

Level two designed with the principle is out-bright and in-dark that makes the households feel cozy when taking rest in the bedrooms and have more energy in the morning. The changing shadows on the hallway walls as the day proceeds is one of the appeals on the second floor. By combing the gray tiles and green mosaic in the bathroom, we’ve created a soothing sensation for the users. By elevating the master bedroom, it became distinguished from the surrounding. Using slide doors on both sides of the room, we intend to make it more breathable.


Architects: Flex.Atelier

Project Name : NT’s Habitat

Project Type : Residential

Location : Vietnam

Area: 190 sq.m

Year: 2020

Photographs: Minq Bui

Source : ArchDaily

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