Architecturally Beautiful Home Design Tips For New Home Builders

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For people who are currently working on a home building project or are thinking about house renovation, the first step should always be to have some ideas in mind. Next, you need to hire the services of a home renovation or extension company, such as Watara Homes , to help you set up your new home.

Luckily, building advancements allow you to play around with different designs and construction materials to help you come up with a structure that is not only architecturally unique but also caters to your everyday living requirements.

Below, take a look at a few modern architecturally beautiful home design ideas for your next building project.

  1. Use Alternative Materials

One of the main factors that influence modern home designs is the materials used. You can try using alternative building materials, such as:

  • Metal insulated panels
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Content Sources
  • Image sources
  • Shipping container homes


  1. Incorporate Colors

Whether or not you want to color your modern house will depend mainly on your individual taste and preferences. You can use color on the external walls or inside the house. Accents walls, for instance, are great at creating certain effects when you walk into a room.

Basic colors, such as black, grey, and white, are associated with more modern designs. If you plan on adding color, make the consideration before you start building your house.

  1. Add Textured Wall Finishes

As opposed to using color, you can add textured wall finishes to some of your walls. An example includes using birch faced plywood. It creates a natural feel while being both robust and highly durable.

Keep in mind that such materials are not cheap and you need to include their costs to your budget.

  1. Consider Tadelakt

You can use a material that has been used in construction for hundreds of years to create a super modern building. Tadelakt is a Moroccan type of plaster that is resistant to both mold and water. If you live in an especially damp and humid region, this could be the plaster for you.

Furthermore, you can also use tadelakt in your bathroom. Moreover, not only is it stunning to look at, but it is also extremely low maintenance.

  1. Mirrors For Small Spaces

The transparency of mirrors not only brings natural light into the room but also helps to make an otherwise small space feel larger. You can try and incorporate open mirrors in the rafters and the walls to allow you to view out more and create that impression of openness.

Another effective trick you can incorporate in a small space is the clever use of partitioning. The living area and kitchen, for example, can be an open plan.

  1. Broken House Designs

When the idea first came out, it took the building and design community by storm. In 2020, this is a trend that is only expected to continue.

Broken plan designs are the exact opposite of open plan living spaces. However, the design uses techniques and devices, such as fireplaces, bookcases, or sliding doors, which even while separating different rooms, creates a feeling of interconnectivity and togetherness.  

  1. Pivot Doors 

Sliding doors and bifold doors are nothing new. Many people are now shifting their attention to pivot doors. One of the main advantages of these doors is the large glass expansions on either side of the doors, which double to bring in more natural light. That, plus the fact that there are very few frames add to the minimalist feel.

  1. Hidden Lighting Installations

Granted, large windows that allow natural light to flow freely inside your home is a trend that will not go away any time soon. But, even with its popularity, builders can easily forget the importance of proper artificial lighting for when the sun goes down.

Hidden lighting is a great way to light up interiors when it gets dark. Another cool idea is to add hanging pendants and downlights.

  1. Add Metallic Accents

For a bit of contrast, you can incorporate metallic accents in certain living areas, such as the kitchen or living room. While silver has been a popular color in many living spaces, more and more people are finding ways to use copper, bronze, and even gold accents.

One thing to keep in mind is that such colors should never be overdone and little will, in fact, be all you need.

  1. Add A Mezzanine

If you have limited space for construction, you may just want to consider adding a mezzanine. This extra space in your ceiling can be utilized as a lounge or a bedroom. Moreover, you can even use it as a home office.

One of the main benefits of a mezzanine is peace and quiet. You can avoid noise from the rest of the household, leaving you to work or rest in bliss.

The great thing is that unlike some of the features that have already been mentioned, creating a mezzanine and the access to it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can simply use cheap and available materials to renovate your house on a budget.

  1. Add A Few Pocket Doors

Open doors allow you to shift between an open plan and a broken house design. Pocket doors work by sliding back into a cavity in the wall, removing any separation between two rooms. They are a great idea when you want to open up the house to accommodate family and friends.

  1. Bedroom Balconies

Many modern builders are now including spaces right outside their bedrooms. While the most common layout is a first-floor bedroom that includes a balcony, you can also add a balcony to an upside-down layout, which leads to a terrace.

Final Thoughts

If you are a new home builder, you can use those few tips mentioned above to create a house that is not only convenient for your lifestyle but is also architecturally stunning. From artificial lighting to pocket doors to broken house designs, play with different designs and let your imagination be your guide.

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