• Architectural Pool Construction Design Tips For Home Owners

    Having a pool certainly is a dream. It’s also one of the most enjoyable parts of ownership. Adding a swimming pool to a house is like adding an element of fun for the whole family to enjoy. Before all this positivity, however, comes in the hard work of actually building and putting the pool together. Apart from being prepared to open your wallet and dig very deep (literally and figuratively), you must also ready yourself for the tedious task of dealing with the nitty-gritty.

    But, it doesn’t always have to be that difficult. Thankfully today, there’s a vast myriad of resources for you to gather design tips for your pool construction. This article gives you some of the best, so read on.


    1. Create A Wish List Or Print It Out

    As a homeowner deciding to have a swimming pool, certainly, you’ve got ideas on your mind as to how you envision your pool to look like in your garden. When these ideas start popping up, write them down on a wish list. Perhaps you may even have photos of pool designs that you’d want to copy.

    Once you’ve done this part, that’s when you can talk with a pool contractor. That way, the pool contractor also won’t feel confused as to where to start. Because you already know what you want, all they have to do is follow the pool of your dreams. All the contractor has to do is help make this a reality by suggesting proper changes, add-ons if needed, and even the right material and architectural design aspect points.


    1. Get Multiple Bids And Ideas

    When you talk with the first contractor that you meet, don’t feel immediately pressured to accept the offer. Give yourself also the chance to look around and shop. That way, you may have better offers and even better ideas. Yes, you have the whole design concept planned in your mind. But, different contractors each have their respective interpretations as to add-ons, changes, and even the materials used. Talking with various contractors can help lead you to the best design possible for your pool.

    As a general guiding point, you may have around three to four bids and designs. That way, the options aren’t too extensive that you end up confused. They’re also not too narrow that your possibilities are limited.


    1. Choose A Credible Builder

    When you’ve taken bids from three to four different pool contractors, it’s then time for you to choose a builder. One way to narrow down your options? Do a background check on their credibility. If you’ve got friends or other family members who have also had a swimming pool built, you may want to ask them for their opinions on the four contractors that you’re talking to. Pool contractors, such as pool builders in Broward County, aren’t too numerous in local areas. Chances are, they may have also been the clients of one of them.

    Building a swimming pool is no easy task. As pleasant and serene as your image of the finished outcome may be, this can only be achieved if you’re putting it in the hands of an expert. Otherwise, the entire job will be a mess. When you’re going to spend thousands on a swimming pool, you’ll want an assurance that every dollar is worth it. At the end of the contract, the builder presents you with the design that you envisioned.


    1. Think, Simplicity Is Best

    Don’t overdo it with the design aspect of your swimming pool. You can do no wrong with having designs that are simple and classic. Whatever your desired shape will be, that’s entirely a matter of personal preference. But, the design should be as fuss-free as possible.

    The purpose of having a pool is for the family to enjoy and relax. Chances are, they won’t even be able to notice any of the unnecessary details that you want to have. Want to have darker tiles in the Yin and Yang in contrast with your light floors? No, that’s so ten years ago. Keep your tiles clean, uniform, simple, and classic.


    1. Consider Your Area’s Weather

    If you belong to a warmer state or even that of a tropical location, then this shouldn’t be much of a problem. But, in states where the cold season is longer, you’ll need to factor in the weather conditions. That way, you can also design your pool such that it meets your local weather conditions. You don’t have to feel like your pool is a total waste by not being able to use it the majority of the year.

    Here are design tips to keep in mind, as to the weather:

    • In colder climates, you may want to consider having an enclosure for your pool. This can help keep it warm during the cold months. For warmer climates, the opposite is true. A pool in the outdoor garden can be a welcome recourse in the hot, summer months.
    • In colder climates, a heating system and even a pool cover as a part of your design will also come in handy.
    • If there are heavy trees around the area, you need to consider a cover also in your design and location aspect, to prevent too many leaves from falling in the pool. Else, it will only be cumbersome to have to clean the pool of leaves regularly.

    Taking into consideration these tips can help you not just have a well-designed pool, but also a very functional one.


    1. Keep The Add-Ons To A Minimum

    As you brainstorm on the design aspect of your pool, you may also be presented with add-ons. How many diving boards does your pool need? Or does it need one at all? Which places to put steps or stairs? Do you want a hot tub or a bubble bath area? Would you rather prefer an edge design? Or have a waterfall or water feature on one side?

    Your decision is your preference. But, to avoid the pool from looking like a cheap, hot mess, keep the add-ons to a minimum. You’ll want your pool to look as classic, timeless, and elegant as possible.



    Now that you’ve finally chosen to add a swimming pool in your garden, undoubtedly, a majority of your family members are going to be very happy. More so if you’ve got kids. But, before they get to enjoy the finished product, a lot of hard work and penny-pinching skills need to be done. Swimming pools require a lot of focus on building and are also quite expensive. Hence the need to ensure that they’re designed well. Else, you’re only wasting money down the drain. These tips help you have a good start, and then soon enough, you’ll be saying hello to the swimming pool design that you’ve always dreamed of.

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