Apartment Interior with Sober And Subtle Taste of Aesthetics | Studio Frozen Music

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The owner of this apartment interior residence is a civil engineer and a builder himself, with a sober and subtle taste of architectural aesthetics. He wanted to have a warm and cozy interior ambiance in tune with a clutter-free functional layout. Myself being the architect for this commercial apartment building, I had designed the primary interior layout while working on the architectural planning itself.

Apartment Interior with Sober And Subtle Taste of Aesthetics | Studio Frozen Music

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While designing, the core idea was to create a strong visual merger of the linear living area and the adjacent balcony area. This merger results into one specious looking living space.  The wooden ceiling of the balcony area merges into the plain white ceiling of the living area.


The linearity of the living area is also reflected in purely rectangular shaped furniture units like sofa, center table and dining table. All these custom designed furniture units adhere to the clean geometric forms and sharp crispy lines.  The detailing of the furniture is kept minimal and functional; in tune with the overall architectural theme of the residence.

The kitchen layout is designed to achieve maximum functionality and work comfort. The ‘grey’ and ‘white’ theme of the kitchen though slightly differs from the wooden tone of the rest of the spaces, does help achieve the minimalist and contemporary-modern character for the kitchen area.

When bedrooms are concerned, mostly all bedrooms have inbuilt wall cupboard storage spaces. Therefore, though the bedrooms are slightly moderate in sizes, they do not look cramped and overcrowded with furniture. The niches and corners created due to column offsets are skillfully used to create some specific personalized features to that particular room.

The a long horizontal ribbon window on western side is designed in such a manner that after resting on the bed one gets very soothing views of the municipal garden outside. The bed and the side tables are designed to suit this low sill-level ribbon window.

The south-west side master bed also has some in- built wall storage. The doors of the central portion of the cupboards are concealed by applying a scenic black and white wall paper which also adds some virtual depth in the ‘frame’. The wooden ceiling above the bed is in tune with the overall ‘wooden ceiling’ theme of the house. Along with these visual elements, the importance of ‘ventilation’ is also understood at the very primary stages of the design.

In northwest side bed, the corner niche is transformed into a vibrant and cozy study area. The back wall in lighter yellow color, the yellow chair and even a yellow light switch; all jointly create a tangy and joyful character for that study corner.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Frozen Music

Client Name: Mr. Rakesh B. Palde

Principal architect: Mahesh Deepak Shirke

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra

Year of completion: 2021

Built up area: 1500 Sq.ft

Products & Materials: 800 x 1200 mm vitrified tiles, veneers, acrylic glass shutters, Granite for kitchen platform etc.     

Photography Courtesy:  Sameer Bondarde

Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Frozen Music

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