An Apartment Interior Providing Inviting And Relaxing Ambiance | Studio 926

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An Apartment Interior Providing Inviting And Relaxing Ambiance | Studio 926

The interiors of a modern home project the style of the owner as all the elements ranging from the furniture design to the color scheme and decorative accessories, act as self-expressive statements that allow the owners to express their distinct taste. This has been achieved in this three-bedroom house by the architects and interior designers of Studio 926, Vadodara. Every room in this house presents a unique design style while aligning well with the overall theme of the house.

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The house where contemporary yet minimalist interiors produce an inviting and relaxing ambiance. Featuring a raw and earthy color palette, thick and clean lines, and a decluttered setting, here the designers have made sure that every space looks exceptionally stunning while seamlessly aligning with the requirements of the client.

Simple yet playful entrance

This entrance area has simple and welcoming décor. Here, the console unit offers adequate space for storage as well as for displaying a welcoming idol of Lord Ganesh idol with a backdrop of veneer cladding. The beautiful pattern due to the light emerging from the jali door breaks the monotony and uplifts the mood.

Linear yet spacious living room

The entire room carries a sense of openness, and every corner has been optimally utilized to integrate the living and dining area seamlessly while offering a relaxing setting. To create a clear distinction between the two spaces, the walls and furniture pieces of the living area are covered in classic grey while earthy brown dominates the dining section.

The accent wall, with its traditional motif patterns and vertical paneling, breaks the linearity, bringing volume to space and also adds the required textural depth, whereas the potted plant positioned in the corner brings in a sense of freshness. The uplifted sofa with its thin sleek legs makes the room appear spacious and airy along with providing a comfortable lounge. The photo of the living room gives you a clear idea about how every inch of the vast space has been optimally utilized.

Well-planned dining space

Displaying a neutral color palette, the walls of the dining room act as a suitable background for colorful accessories and also create a pleasing contrast with the earthy tone. The accessories such as warm blue ceramics, golden leaf metallic wall art uplift the mood and add to the charming setting. The wooden dining chairs and table complement the rest of the colors and offer a perfect space for enjoying meals.

The matte black cabinets stand out and make a bold statement in the modern modular kitchen. The grey walls and marble countertop create the illusion of a larger space while the overhead cabinets add to the well-organized setting and offer proper storage space.

A classic combination of grey and brown

Designed with a minimalist approach, the room can be seen covered in earthy and matte tones of grey and brown to lend a sense of sophistication and warmth to the whole space. The foreground wall with wooden paneling as well as the wardrobe, adds the required textural depth, whereas the long oval mirror offers a luxe feel. Moreover, the balcony attached to the room invites natural light and delivers a lovely view of the outside.

Elegant and serene

This classy bedroom presents an attractive color combination of brown, white and blue. Also, the wood-carved headboard on the plain wall offers a perfect background for the plush bed. The brass leaf sculpture displayed with the textured grey wall enhances the beauty of this simplistic décor. Furthermore, the smart combination of thick and translucent drapes gives an unmatched elegance while offering the required privacy.

Eclectic children’s room

Significant attention has been given to this children’s bedroom to create a place where kids can learn and grow. Covered in soft pastels, the room has a well-planned and minimal décor. The well-customized handle-less cabinet with a full-length mirror creating the illusion of a larger space which also adds a modern touch to the whole setting. Also, one side of the cabinet includes a compact study table and chair for a functional study or workspace.

Fact File:

Designed by: Studio 926

Project: Sample House, Everest Pentagon – Everest Infra. Group.

Project Type: Residential Apartment

Year of completion: 2020

Area: 1088 sq. ft.

Project Cost approx.:  Rs. 22,50,000/-

Location: New Alkapuri, Baroda – Gujarat, India

Principal Architect: Ar. Shailesh Patel & Ar. Ronak Patel

Photography: Sudhir Parmar (Vegaconcepts)

Text: Yamini Shah



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