An abode that combines warmth and traditional aesthetics in an unparalleled way | Dimensions by Vipin Chauhan & Associates

‘Suramya’ is a sophisticated and subtle combination of balance, minimalist elegance and an apt sense of traditional aesthetics. The house is situated in a closed and secured campus which is also designed by Dimensions by Vipin Chauhan & Associates. The client is a renowned gynecologist in the city and values simplicity to the core. After the client’s brief, the mood board was a fresh take on the idea of contemporary classic with serene colors, a play of textures and ample greenery within the home. The result was a charming, timeless abode that was equal parts stylish and serene.

Editor’s Note: The interiors of Suramya incorporate traditional elements in earthy, muted tones. The carved pillars and the wooden Jhula bring out the essence of Indian culture and heritage. The furniture and decor have a minimal yet royal outlook. Natural materials like rattan are an integral part of the house, backed by simple wall art design. – Gopika Pramod

An abode that combines warmth and traditional aesthetics in an unparalleled way | Dimensions by Vipin Chauhan & Associates

The entrance leads to the space where a wooden jhoola and a partially partitioned drawing room with a carved wooden column and a low-height munder wall, offers a perfect zoning of the spaces.

With an open floor plan, ample natural light, strategically placed artwork, and comfortable furniture, every element works together to cultivate a sense of calm and tranquility.

In the double height dining area, expansive windows and sheer curtains bring in copious amounts of daylight, emanating positive energy throughout.

Detailing and Indian touches indeed makes it a grounded home with a delightful and inviting ambience. The spaces are airy, breezy, and expansive in nature. At its core lies seamless functionality and while opulent materials artwork infuse flair of luxury, the central swing introduces a delightful
of informality, weaving captivating harmony throughout the space.

A subdued and straightforward approach of space design results in a home free of clutter and overdo. The use of beige, white and warm veneer has a consoling and soothing existence, reviving the feel of the ever-green materials and their sublime demeanor.

In the bedroom, a wicker bed is incorporated to introduce an element of texture that complements the soothing neutral color scheme, hand painted wall motif along with old charm niches in the wall. The result is an ambiance that exudes tranquility and embraces you with its calming charm.

First Floor

The master bedroom greets you by a serene oasis of white and blue. The calming hues create a tranquil ambiance, allowing you to unwind after a long day. Incorporating Van Gogh’s artwork throughout these spaces adds another layer of depth and sophistication.

These masterpieces elevate the aesthetic appeal while showcasing the appreciation for fine art. Moving on to the daughter’s bedroom, aqua prints paired with warm peach colors evokes a sense of sophistication and elegance!

Kids`room has everything fun & playful right from wall murals to furniture concepts!

Moving on to the daughter’s bedroom, aqua prints paired with warm peach colors evokes a sense of sophistication and elegance!

The bedrooms come draped in elegant neutrals and pastels, treated with minimal furniture to retain its openness and vastness.

Overall, the clean-lined and low-maintenance space of this serene home is an interesting take on posing for contemporary and modern appearance while having its heart in the ethnic domains.

Fact File

Designed by: Dimensions by Vipin Chauhan & Associates

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Suramya

Location: Bawadiyakalan, Bhopal

Year Built: 2023

Duration of the project: 1.5 Years

Plot Area: 2888 Sq.ft

Built-up Area: 5700 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Ar. Vipin Chauhan & Smriti Chauhan

Team Design Credits: Ar. Aarti Vyas, Rahul Chauhan & Samiksha Lalchandani

Photograph Courtesy: Studio new folder

Products/Materials/Vendors: Wallcovering / Cladding – Ritu Kumar / Lighting –philips / Sanitaryware –jaquar / Windows – UPVC / Flooring – Italian, Dyna / Paint – Asian paints / Artefacts –fabindia, homecentre / Wallpaper – Ritu Kumar / Hardware – hettich

Consultants for the Project: Environmental &Sustainability Consultants– Ar. Samir Gupta / Structure Engineers – Raj Consultant / MEP & HVAC Consultants – Cooling Solutions / Contractors – Ultimate Construction / Project Managers – Rahul Chaudhary / Quantity Surveyors – Mohan Pandey / Interior Styling– Id Smriti Chauhan, Ar Aarti Vyas, Id Samiksha Lalchandani

Firm’s Website Link: Dimensions by Vipin Chauhan & Associates

Firm’s Instagram Link: Dimensions by Vipin Chauhan & Associates

Firm’s Facebook Link: Dimensions by Vipin Chauhan & Associates

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