• Focused Renovation – Choosing What to Change

    When moving into a new home, many people give a lot of thought to the home’s potential. However, the reality of tackling a home improvement project that might last years can be overwhelming. If you are not a builder or familiar with renovation projects, transforming a home into a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space can be an exercise in getting over the mental hump that comes with the seeming impossibility of the task. With fears of not quite having as much knowledge, or worse, of being ripped off looming overhead, many people struggle with organising a successful renovation project.

    One of the first things that is difficult for homeowners is choosing what to change, especially when everything in the house is working perfectly well as it is. Replacing old garage doors with tilt-a-door garage door, remodeling the bathroom or kitchen space, or installing a new deck are just a few projects homeowners might consider to start with. There’s also the possibility of replacing a roof, fixing the plumbing or adding solar panels in an effort to lower your carbon footprint. Choosing what to change can depend on a variety of factors and it’s important to understand some of these before deciding where to start your renovations.

    Keep reading to learn how you can choose the right renovation projects for your home.

    Necessity As Priority

    When looking to make improvements around the home, consider choosing projects that need to be completed in a timely manner. For example, if the warranty on the roof will end in a few years, then that is the project that should be addressed first. If the plumbing or electricity in the home needs updating, consider making these issues a priority. While making a space aesthetically pleasing is always something to be considered, homeowners should focus on the functionality of the utilities, plumbing and structural soundness of the home first as these elements are the foundation of making any home a comfortable, liveable space.


    Another thing to keep in mind after the project’s necessity is how much you have to actually spend on the different projects. If you do not have the money to tackle larger projects, consider taking care of the smaller projects you can afford while finding creative ways to pay for more extensive work. If larger projects have to be completed, homeowners can fund these projects through personal and home equity loans, which ultimately can be an investment in keeping the property in good condition and pay homeowners back over time.

    DIY Or Expert?

    Choosing how the project will be completed is very important in choosing what to fix first. For projects that can be easily completed, taking a DIY approach can help to teach you a new skill but you should only attempt the smaller projects that can be completed without too many complications. Painting and landscaping, for example, are two of the more simple tasks that can be tackled by homeowners.

    On the other hand, renovation tasks that require extensive work to the structure of the interior or exterior of the home should always be handled by an expert. More importantly, though, homeowners trying to decide what to take care of first should always look to the issues that need to be handled by professionals because DIY projects can be done at any time.

    Long-term Plans

    Choosing which projects to complete first also relates to how long you plan to remain at the property. If you are only planning to remain in the home for a few years as the equity builds in the home, then focus on the projects that will immediately affect the resale value. Longer stays can give homeowners more time to prioritise what to take care of first.

    What Should You Do First?

    Choosing what to renovate first does not have to be a long and drawn out process. Coming up with an organized plan that prioritises projects while staying within budget are important things to consider when you are choosing where to focus your efforts. It’s also crucial that you decide whether you will attempt some renovation work yourself or hire an expert to ensure the work is carried out properly. After giving it a little thought, you can confidently decide where to start and begin transforming your home into a space that you will love.

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