All You Need to Know About Office Chair

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Buying a chair is a big decision which is going to impact your work life. Most of the work area needs an office chair from a professional office to a bedside working space, home office, or small desk at any arbitrary space you need to seat and work. Thus, your workplace affects your health and productivity. An office chair is the most important furniture piece in your office as it can affect your overall posture, comfort and ultimately pace of work. Because once you are tired it affects your work and health simultaneously if not stop, it would at least slow down the process of work. Thus, choosing the right chair can make your workplace a little better you can check office furniture . It is easy to find the right chair once you understand the requirement and features of your need. But it may vary from person to person and profession to profession. It also depends on how long you are going to sit on chair and work because certain chairs are good for a shorter period but could give your body stress and strain when seated for longer.

Not every chair we seat on, in the office are office chairs. Office chairs belong to a very special category in furniture, especially in office furniture. Typically office chair contains wheels, lumbar (lower spine) support, a gas lift leg for certain load criteria. These features are contained to give the worker a better comfort and a healthy work environment. To counteract various problems associated with seating, industrial designers gave rise to ergonomic chairs and specifically designed modular workspace. Now with more than decades of the invention, it is available in various types of styles and better options.

Charles Darwin created the first ever modern office chair, figuring out that work could be done better even when seated. Office chairs help create better physical and psychological balance for you and your work. Thus, office chairs should be comfortable as well as functional the way you need.

Let’s have a look at a few of the style of an ergonomic chair and understand which one suits your need and criteria.


Kneeling chairs: It does not have back but yet helps you to improve posture. Kneeling chairs have legs at 60-70 degree, unlike regular chair in which the angle is 90 degree.


Saddle chairs: It is good choices for desk work or computer. This chair is shaped like a horse saddle and can help in making your back more strong and healthy. Its base is equipped with casters and gas cylinder for adjusting the correct height. In this chair user sit little higher and thus the angle between knee and hips are 135 degrees and not 90 degrees. Since it is a little high, the desk is also supposed to be a little higher. It requires a certain time to adjust in this chair.


Reclining chair: This chair with foot-rest is a better option for people with health issues and is quite comfortable. This is contrasting to all the other office chairs as reclining is not an available option for most the people. It helps in reducing the fatigue and tiredness of back muscle. It also gives rest to sore back muscle after a hectic day. But reclining does not mean you leave your work like in ordinary recliner chair. Your desk has to be adjustable with respect to the chair in order to equip this  Ergonomic reclining chair in your work area. Apart from that, it must be a correct posture to not harm your back and help you work with ease.


Nowadays people are spending quite a large amount of time in office area finishing the shifts. Thus finding a chair to suit your work habit is a necessity and not a luxury. It is better to spend a little time in search of your perfect chair rather than regretting later. Apart from this, you must try the chair before buying.


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