• Add Color To Your Kitchen By Choosing Stylish Cabinet Doors

    The first thing that catches your eyes when you step inside a kitchen is the cabinets. Any kitchen will need a cabinet as it provides storage while at the same time being a worktop for preparing meals. This highly functional addition also determines the style of your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers fronts will have the biggest impact of your cabinet design.

    Since the cabinet doors are prominent design elements it is important to choose the right design and materials. You may consult kitchen specialists to help you select suitable materials. Before you choose the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers you will need to decide how many you need. The design of your choice will also be a factor, for instance, you may want more cupboards and shelves, or may prefer open shelves on the wall. There is also the option of raised cabinet doors at eye level. Some will prefer a blend of open and closed cabinets

    Each homeowner will have his personal preference but these factors will help you make a wise choice:

    • Install drawers at the base cabinets and not the wall cabinets. High mounting will prevent you from looking inside them.
    • The drawers should be more than the cabinets. This makes it easy for you to open the drawers in one motion. This is simpler work than opening a cupboard door then sliding out a tray which might make you scratch your door if you forget to close the door.
    • If there are young children in the house choose clear glass doors only on the wall cabinets.

    Common Types of Designs for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

    Flat wooden doors, metal framed doors with an acrylic front, shaker, louvered and panel are some of the common designs you will come across. The door handles will come in many shapes and sizes but may all be grouped such as knobs, pulls and flush. The next thing you will need to select is the kitchen door materials. There are various material choices you can choose from. If you want wooden kitchen doors you can select melamine or laminated plywood or veneer. For glossy kitchen doors, you may want to have glass or acrylic.

    The popular hinges used in cabinets are the concealed or European style hinges. The hinges are not visible because they are mounted on the inside of the door.

    Typical Choices for Kitchen Door Materials

    1. Melamine kitchen doors: these are made of compressed chipboard with an outer layer of plastic finishing. Melamine doors will be an ideal choice if your cabinet frame. The inner canvas is also made of melamine. One advantage of these types of doors is that they are scratch and abrasion resistant. If properly cared for, they last for a long time. Cleaning and maintenance are also easy. However, melamine doors easily expand when they are exposed to humid areas for a long time. In such areas, you might want to other water resistant doors such as a perforated aluminum door. Service the doors after every two to three years.


    1. Laminate kitchen doors: these are made up of plywood and they have several layers of resin-impregnated papers with a plastic They are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. It is also advantageous because it has a high resistance against scratch and moisture. However, these types should not be used near high-temperature areas such as the cooker hob. The glue used in the making of laminate doors can start to melt which will cause the outer layer to peel. Laminate kitchen doors have a wide selection of textures and designs although they are more slightly more than expensive than melamine.


    1. Veneer kitchen doors: a veneer door is often popularly used as a substitute for solid wood because it has the same appearance as natural wood and is much cheaper. It is made up of a thin layer of real wood and this is connected to a piece of plywood by glue. The size and appearance of the veneer will depend on the processing method. They come in different and unique patterns, as they are made of natural wood. There is also reconstructed veneer and it is stained and pressed in order to come up with a standard color and pattern. If you prefer an identical design for the cabinet door, this is an ideal choice. It can discolor if it is exposed to too much sunlight.


    1. 3G glass doors: this is a good choice if you are the kind of person who loves a glossy appearance. These glass doors have a smooth finish of spray-painted glass at the front door. The frame is made of aluminum channel that runs along the height of the door. They are easy to maintain and clean because most of the stains can be wiped off without scratches. The glass material cannot be scratched by the normal activities in the kitchen although the edges of the doors may chip from wear and tear.

    However, strong materials are used so strong hinges are needed.

    1. 4G glass doors: these glass doors are an upgrade to 3G glass doors. That has a thin aluminum frame around the glass with an aluminum handle. These are popular among Malaysian homeowners. It is good choices as to offers a glossy cabin appearance with clean lines and there are no protruding handles. There are many similar features with the 3G doors although these have a thinner edging and nicer finishing. The 4G doors have a frameless appearance from the front view but you will notice a thin aluminum frame if you look closely that support structure. It is also easy to maintain.

    Kitchen Door Knobs

    Doorknobs provide both function and beauty. Kitchens can get messy just about any time and the only effective way to prevent this mess from ruining your cabinet surface is though knobs and pulls. They help protect the cabinet finish as you will not be teaching the cabinet fronts with oily fingers.

    You fingers will not probably fit in the reveals of the cabinet and that is why you will need to have a frameless or full overlay cabinet. There are plenty of styles and finishes that can add to the beauty of your kitchen. If you currently on a remodeling project or need to build a new kitchen, ensure you choose hardware last. After you have collected all the materials you can now choose the right cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

    Knobs and Pull Combination

    According to home décor experts, knobs and pull combination is the best way to design hardware. In fact, you do not have to worry about strict rules when choosing whether to select a knob or a pull. One option you have is to use knobs for the doors and the drawers would work well with pulls. Large doors and pull out base pantries will do well with knobs.

    Opening a drawer using a pull is much more comfortable because the whole hand can grab it instead of just the fingertips. This is helpful since drawers can get heavy when used to store pots, pans, and dishes. On the other hand, you may also choose to stick to only knobs or pulls.

    Many older kitchens will have knobs because at that time there was a limited choice of hardware to select from. However, if you do not want to have a dotty and generic looking kitchen, you would avoid this.

    Modern kitchens will have a more contemporary look with the use of pulls but even traditional kitchens will also have a pull style drawer.

    When you decide to use pulls, think about how they will be mounted. If you choose horizontal for drawers and vertical for doors, you will find that the pull is not so heavy and this is a good thing because it will tend to add weight.

    Square Contemporary Pulls on all Drawers and Doors

    You will need to take note of your cabinet style, lighting fixtures, countertop edge, and other design elements. The hardware should also be consistent with the type of lines in your design. These could be square or curved lines. Square cabinet styles will have a flat panel with a flatter squared look. This square style hardware is more contemporary. They can be round in shape with square contours.

    Examples of curved cabinet styles include pillowtop doors, traditionally raised panel doors, and recessed panel doors with beads on the inside profiles. Curved style hardware has a more traditional look and has soft edges and includes more detail.

    Black Iron Knob and Pull Finish

    Most homeowners will prefer chrome or brushed nickel although there are various finishes available that can add interest to your kitchen. There is no need to feel obligated to match to your faucet as long as the smooth finish compliments other designs.

    Finishes such as antique pewter, bronze, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze, black matte are some of the finishes that go well with a brushed nickel. Finishes such as white, black, or clear glass will go well with a chrome faucet.

    Comfort should also be a top priority when you want to select the best doorknobs. Try out the knob, touch it even feel it and see how it fits your hand inside the pull. It should fit and be comfortable around your fingers. Some will feel sharp around the edges and cram your fingers and will therefore not feel comfortable.

    Notice what happens when you grab the knob or pull. Avoid ones that have pointy edges that press on your fingers. This is a kitchen facility that you will use many times a day and when this happens so often it can be very annoying. Many reputable companies will offer you a sample program where you will get to sample out a knob or pull you as they send you. You will only be expected to pay the shipping fee.

    The Cost

    When you make a careful choice you will ensure you just get what you pay for. There are various companies where you can get inexpensive brands and their finishes. The finishes have a smooth look. You do not need to go to the big-box stores in order to find quality cabinets. You may be surprised at the impressive cabinets you will find just by going through your local plumbing or cabinet showrooms. These also have a large variety of kitchen cabinets and there are salespeople who are ready to offer assistance of any kind.

    The price of the knobs range from $6 to $10 and pulls will cost you about $7 to $12. The price is based on the finish and design. Knobs or pulls that are made of steel and bronze will cost a bit more than this. A pull that is longer will also cost much more because there are more materials used.

    Regardless of your choice, always ensure you order a few extras because a screw might break or the finish might start to rub off. Cabinet hardware can be termed as the jewelry of the kitchen so it is important if it is comfortable and enhance the design of the outfit. Choose cool colors that will go well with the overall theme of the house. Before you buy cabinet hardware make sure you do your research and order online samples. You can also check the finishes within your kitchen so that you know what kind of materials will be the perfect fit.

    Choosing your cabinet may be a tough choice when you consider the wide array of options the commercial world has to offer. However, with a careful search and proper research, you still can get the perfect fit for your kitchen at a budget. You should also ensure that you get quality materials as you do not want o to have low quality and uncomfortable knobs and drawers as you work in the kitchen. Many companies will sell these at competitive prices.




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