Abode Rooted In Minimal Design Concepts Providing Contemporary Lifestyle | Uneven

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Abode Rooted In Minimal Design Concepts Providing Contemporary Lifestyle | Uneven

The stimulating part about designing this residence was to offer spacious rooms with appropriate openings and open spaces in a plot size of 1860 sft. Our agenda was to create a cohesive design of architecture and interiors by the virtue of the structural elements forming a base for the contemporary interior design. We put together our learnings of experiencing the feel of a home and achieving an aesthetically appealing house.

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This beautiful abode is rooted in minimal design concepts yet providing all the facilities falling under the contemporary lifestyle for the client. The planning is based on ‘Vastu’ concepts for home, optimizing each and corner of the house for various functions. As you enter the built mass through the porch, the foyer with an opening to the garden-side welcomes one inside. A huge living room opens on to the deck; the dining area connects to the kitchen fulfilling an open plan form for maximizing the visual connectivity and achieving a clutter-free common space.

The living room interiors are done in subdued tones of grey to match the exposed ceiling, with a commendable hand-painted ‘Champa’ tree on the feature wall representing their love for the same. The false ceilings are kept raw with concrete finish having created patterns through a framework of rough wood stripes. This eliminates the need for a false ceiling, giving a volumetric overall space with an innovative slab bottom acting as a designed ceiling in itself.  This concept perhaps is followed for the entire house.

The parents’ room has an attached walk-in wardrobe and toilet, also has a cozy garden for them to have their own little outdoor space, especially for the mother who is fond of gardening and sitting outdoors in the evenings. The concept of ‘second kitchen’ is introduced here (attached to the main kitchen further connected to the utility but as an outside space) for giving direct access to the servants without entering the main space, thus making sure of the security therein. This also offers a cleaner indoor kitchen space.

Escalading on the first floor – the double-height ‘puja’ area forms the central space emphasizing volume, with master bedroom, on one side and kid’s bedroom on the other. The planning of these spaces is done in a grid form, which allows future modification/expansion of either of the bedroom spaces.

The bedrooms reflect chic taste in the interior styling with minimal furniture design in muted colours on walls as well as other finishes used therewith. The vast walk-in wardrobe spaces avoid the need for any additional storage in the bed area – making these rooms spacious and airy. The bathroom concepts here are worth notice. Ultra-spacious bathrooms with walk-in closet spaces, have individual cubical for shower and WC with inventive details and finishes, making the complete bathroom space experience in itself.

Reaching on the third floor, another bedroom stands right above the kid’s bedroom, which can also be potentially converted into a multi-purpose / entertainment area. On the front side lies a beautiful terrace garden with an adjoining splash pool. A space that can be enjoyed by everyone with a cozy seating space by the splash-pool, sway on the swing or sit peacefully on the lawned surface.

The other striking features that incorporated for a contemporary lifestyle in this residence.

NO FALSE CEILINGS: The slab and beam grids are designed in a way that almost eliminates the need of any false-ceilings, offering a higher ceiling and bigger spaces to experience luxury.

HOME-AUTOMATION: Technical provision for future requirement of automation is integrated while construction, bringing the concept of ‘smart-living’ to practice.

SUSPENDED PLUMBING: The plumbing for the overall house is suspended, tactfully treated through openable ceilings for allowing easy maintenance yet merging with the interiors in a cohesive manner.

SOLAR PANEL PROVISION: A smartly designed roof here, offers an appropriate space for solar panel installation, which encourage the buyers to use solar power without any worry of the terrace space getting utilized thereby.

EXTERIOR: The elevation treatment makes sure of allowing filtered light and work as sun-cutters when harsh sunlight prevails. This also works as a barrier or louvered surface for allowing privacy yet allow smooth ventilation and natural light.


Architects: Uneven

Project Name: One2One

Location: Vadodara

Year of Completion: February 2020

Area: 3500 sft. built-up

Design Team: Shourya Patel & Dexter Fernandes

Client: Mr. Patel

Photo Credits: Darshan Dave

Text Credits: Shreya Shah

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uneven.vadodara/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unevenarchitects

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