A Unique Take On Apartment Interiors Celebrating Children Called Happy Box | Tropical Space

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A Unique Take On Apartment Interiors Celebrating Children Called Happy Box | Tropical Space

Have you ever thought when a kid comes and asks for a design of a house, what would be his/her requirements? 

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They may want a house like a playground, so they can be free to run around. Put aside all the practical demands that the adults would focus on, they would like to maximize the space so they can play and do everything they want. Some may want to have as much as windows, so they can immerse themselves in the little stars and the night sky. And all of that is packed in a 68m2 apartment.

The site is an unfinished apartment that is almost empty. To reduce the construction work, the design keeps the site status quo as it was. The bare concrete ceiling is also kept to maximize the height of the space.

In the center, we put a sculptural wooden box with the dimensions of 3m x 3m x 2.2m which allocates a bunk bed, working space, studying space, and shelves. The spaces inside the box are connected both vertically and horizontally, so the activities could take place without any interruption. We also rotate the box by 45 degrees to create open angles, so that space would be larger and the sunlight could go through deeper into inside areas such as the kitchen and toilet.  

The storage space, kitchen, and toilet are designed neatly with all the needed functions. It has space for everything so the house can be kept simple and clean all the time. The rest of the space around the box is free for entertainment activities. It could be a coffee shop, a playground, or a library.

We want air volumes of apartments in tropical climate areas to be ventilated, not being closed, and have a chance to use the natural environment energy. More importantly, the smile and happiness always overflow in the Happy Boxes.

Fact File:

Designed by: Tropical Space

Project: Happy Box

Project Type: Apartment Interiors

Year of completion: 2020

Area: 68 sq.mt.

Location: Vietnam

Photography: Trieu Chien

Source: ArchDaily

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