• A stunning, open planned home utilizing the picturesque landscape of the Gold Coast hinterland.

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    Over the past few months, it’s quickly become one of the most sought after locations in Queensland, and why not. With a world-famous coastline filled with golden sand beaches that are within a short drive to the spectacular, heritage-listed hinterland, the influx of eager homeowners is understandable. 

    When it comes to desirable homes, the award winning Tallebudgera “Your Home” is high on the wishlist. Nestled in one of the most sought after valley’s and banking onto the Tallebudgera Creek itself, this architectural masterpiece is quite simply one of the most stunning luxury homes on the Gold Coast. 

    This stunning mid-century open planned design that incorporates a wide range of natural materials was designed by MRA design, a multi-disciplined firm with a strong foundation in aesthetic principles. In conjunction with MRA Design, leading Gold Coast Building Company Davey Constructions was selected as the builder. With years of experience creating luxury homes and high-end renovations, Davey Constructions worked collaboratively with MRA Design from concept to completion.

    Ensuring the project exceeded expectations yet remained within the constraints of the budget was paramount to Davey Constructions, and their exceptional effort was rewarded. Not only is the end result is a fitting testament to the spectacular surroundings of the area, but the home also took out the Best Individual Home award for the 2019 Master Builders Awards, receiving great press & publicity in the process.

    Once you’ve driven through the winding roads of Tallebudgera Valley which are thickly hugged by lush green trees, you’ll reach the location of this masterpiece. Upon arriving at the house, floating concrete stairs lead to a brilliant stone wall that extends to the ceiling and into the interior. This prominent and striking feature is also situated in the main living areas within the house, breaking up the large glass doors and windows that are situated throughout the main living areas.

    Polished concrete floors paired with internal timber cladding are also featured throughout which effortlessly complement the stone walls. The combination of these natural materials assist in seamlessly bringing the sense of the beautiful outdoor surroundings indoors.

    Another stylish yet functional feature is the vertical timber slats that adorn the exterior of the western side of the house. Whilst they provide privacy to their adjacent neighbors, they also act as a reprieve from the afternoon sun which can be particularly hot during the summer months when warmer temperatures last long into the day.

    Whilst the front of the house is stylish yet relatively minimal, in contrast, the rear opens right up to maximise the stunning views of Tallebudgera Valley.

    Firstly, the main living areas along with the 4 bedrooms are all located along this eastern side of the house. Each of these rooms features large glass doors and windows to maximise these views.

    The Living and Dining spaces are the major living areas of the house and include many subtle design features that all seamlessly blend together to create a truly wonderful space. Firstly, it’s an open planned area, with only the furnishings separating the two spaces, although when the large stackable glass doors to the outdoor dining section are opened up, it’s even bigger. In this large area, the ceiling extends higher than the rest of the house and features clerestory windows that flood the room with natural light. Combined with large glass doors, the stone pillar, timber panels, and polished concrete floors, the result is the sensation that you’re one with nature, and the area seamlessly brings the beautiful outdoor surroundings indoors.

    The swimming pool is undoubtedly the hero piece of the outside, well, it comes in as a close second to the landscape. As it’s the furthest point of the house, it offers unhindered, unrivalled views across the stunning Tallebudgera Valley. In contrast to many swimming pools that can stick out like sore thumbs, it’s stylish, minimalistic design blends effortlessly into the house.

    Once you’ve cooled off in the pool, a cleverly designed outdoor deck sits adjacent to it. Tucked under the roof of the house as opposed to building a separate deck, it provides the perfect refuge from the sun. Rounding out the rear of the house is an alfresco area situated adjacent to the pool. Whether it’s enjoying the mild afternoons in Autumn or Spring, or lighting a fire during those crisp, cold winter nights, it’s the perfect vantage point for an afternoon drink or star gazing, something that’s so much better when deep in a valley away from the city lights.

    In summary, this stunning, open planned home utilizing the picturesque landscape of the Gold Coast hinterland is a truly remarkable and unique home that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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