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    It’s the mingling of form, space planning, and interior composition that make up the feel of the space. Here is a spacious apartment with earthy feel and fluid spatial connections, designed by a young firm, Kalpavriksh, Mumbai, with its youthful zeal to create spacious, uncluttered, fluid, and breezy residence. Though a 1200 square feet space, the core idea was to have the interiors such that the spaces look amplified while effortlessly staying connected to each other. The signature feature in the apartment is the two wall curvatures that create a breathtaking bay on the inside and flush in oodles of natural light. These well-lit and ventilated spaces weave in that positive energy and this, along with the lively aesthetics, put up an uncluttered interior space.

    “The warm textures of beige, brown and the shades in between makes this abode a sublime haven adorned with a scoop of earthy feels and natural light” – Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

    A Spacious Apartment with Earthy Feel and Fluid Spatial Connections | Kalpavriksh

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    Bringing in the biggest advantage, the curvature walls did put up a challenge in itself. The furniture and the interiors had to be wrapped around in a challenging synchrony to increase the space utilization. In the end, it’s this contemporary, earthy, soothing, and the enclave of lively spaces that matters the most.

    The living room is exuberant with peripheral seating along the curving window panes. It is spacious, warm, and earthy with minimal intervention and ornamentation. The ceiling is left plain to centralize the focus on the form and the cordial furnishings.

    Breaking the monotony of the seating, side tables are introduced amidst the seating. Moreover, the seating along the window has a see-through back for an unhindered view and ventilation. More functional as well as aesthetical!

    The TV console is wide with vertical flutings that correspond with the TV wall. These vertical flutings work in accentuating the verticality of space. Dual tones for the color palette- ivory and brown add to a perfect minimal setup. Opposite this wall is a beautiful contemporary wall art aptly adorning the overall spatial attributes.

    Facing the seating is the dining area for this family of four that demarcates itself with a lower ceiling cladded with veneer. These claddings also work as wall highlighter for the dining space, marking its domain.

    A minimal table and sleek wooden chairs amp up the dining experience. The significant element here is the slit that connects the dining with the kitchen area, adorning the idea of inter-spatial connectivity.

    The kitchen space is enhanced with whites. Here is a window that brings in sufficient daylight to enliven the space and its purpose. Being the most reflective color, the white works in perceptually amplifying the space dimensions.

    Apart from this, all the appliances and their functioning are planned in a way that they remain concealed; thus, aiding a clutter-free experience. Adequate shelves at eye level make the cooking experience furthermore convenient.

    Talking about connectivity, this space is well connected with the dining, the movement paths, and the utility beside.

    The master bedroom is surreal like a dream come true! Here again, the form is more prominent and the interiors are done in a way that responds and adds value in the most beautiful way possible. A sober veneer is chosen for the overall interiors.

    The furnishings and the drawer unit are done below the sill level allowing the window to cast its spell all around while creating a bay-like experience. They cozily wrap around the comfy bed bringing upon all the attention.

    To notoriously add a pop of color into the otherwise muted color palette, a multicolor string art is adopted for the bed back. Additionally, the rare Chesterfield like textured glass (by Saint Gobain Mastersoft) is chosen for the cupboards appending the required textures here.

    The guest bedroom uses more woody browns for an earthy feel. Self-texturing has been created using the veneer itself. An interesting bed back has been curated in diagonal squares overlapping each other with vertical flutings.

    Indeed, a lot of detailing while keeping it equally simplistic! The window takes up most of the longer wall here. It is beautifully framed with furnishings and craftily worked with to create cozy niches for the study and seating.

    The signature concept for the design of the son’s bedroom is the vertical flutings that run all across the furniture. The design is neat and uncomplicated, adequately done making it functional and convenient for the user.

    The study table by the full-height window is designed to minimally hinder the incoming daylight. Here is a very interesting play with the cupboard unit. The central storage unit is recessed making room for the television and miscellaneous storage.

    The advantage of the residence is the availability of ample natural light and this attribute is admirably weaved with the interiors making it look spacious and pleasant. The design of the residence revolves around the curvatures.

    Posing to be the site constraint, they have been effectively utilized to drive the design idea; and, ultimately form the backbone of the design. Infact, they now dictate the interior design. Moreover, the seamless interconnectivity of the spaces is like the final flourish. To be sure, a timeless abode to live in!

    Fact File

    Designed by : Kalpavriksh

    Project Type : Residential Interior Design

    Project Name : Home at Vile Parle

    Location : Mumbai

    Year Built : 2023

    Duration of the project : 11 Months

    Project Size : 1200 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Ar. Vaibhavi Shah

    Photograph Courtesy : Prashant Bhat

    Text Credits : The Architect’s Diary – Ar. Megha Hirani

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – fluted wood panels / Wallcovering / Cladding – fluted MDF panels / Lighting – Svarochi/ Beta Led / Doors and Partitions – Veneered blockboard / Sanitaryware – Grohe / Windows – teakwood frame and saint Gobain laminated glass / Flooring – repolished existing floor / Kitchen – Morbiwala Modular kitchens / Hardware – various makes from Manas Hardware.

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Kalpavriksh

    Firm’s Facebook Link : Kalpavriksh

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