11 Useful Tips To Keep Your Holiday Home in Top Shape

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Purchasing a holiday home is an incredible investment that allows you and your family to occasionally escape your busy lifestyles. However, since you’re living away from it for most of the year, maintaining a second property can often be challenging.

Rather than stressing at the last minute to get everything organized for your upcoming holiday, here are some tips to keep your holiday home in good shape all year round. Take a look below.

  1. Hire a Cleaning Service

Cleaning once a year, right before your visit, is simply not enough. Dust tends to build up over time and can cause allergies if not cleaned thoroughly. It would be better to hire a local cleaning company to regularly clean your holiday home. You should ask them to specifically clean certain areas such as carpeted floors, which often accumulate dust.

  1. Find a Suitable Energy Plan

If you’re visiting your holiday home once every year, then it’s important to find an energy plan that meets your specific needs. There is no point in paying for an expensive energy plan. If you’re looking for competitively-priced options, check out Origin Energy rates.

  1. Clean Oven & Chimney – if you have one

The built-up grease in your oven is flammable and needs to be promptly removed. And similar to that, the chimney should be swept at least once every year. These are some precautions to prevent fire emergencies.

  1. Routine Landscaping

Your holiday home is a place where you can relax and enjoy your free time. But a house surrounded by overgrown shrubs and trees is probably not going to offer such tranquillity. Get a gardener to keep your landscaping in good condition.

  1. Install Sturdy Doors & Windows

Apart from keeping away intruders, strong doors and windows are also necessary to keep your home safe from harsh weather conditions.

  1. Recheck the Alarm System

As you’re away from your property for most of the time, that can make it vulnerable to trespassers. That’s why we cannot emphasize enough the importance of a reliable alarm system. Get an expert to regularly check the alarm system to prevent break-ins.

  1. Replace Fire Alarm Batteries

Always make it a priority to ensure carbon monoxide detectors are working properly and replace the batteries if needed. Additionally, make sure the fire extinguisher hasn’t expired.

  1. Get Gas Safety Check

Gas appliances should be checked to make sure they are free from defects. You should also hire a professional to conduct an annual gas safety check.

  1. Inspect Electrical Appliances

Just because you’re not using electrical appliances regularly doesn’t mean they are immune to wear and tear. Check your electrical appliances on a yearly basis to discover any defects.

  1. Service Boiler & HVAC System

Neglecting timely boiler maintenance can prove to be highly inconvenient. The last thing you want on your winter getaway is a heating failure. Ideally, you should get your boiler inspected and serviced during the summers. In addition to this, you should also get the HVAC system services at least twice a year.If you’re long overdue for a boiler replacement, you can check out this best combi boiler guide to find the best one that’s most suitable for your need

  1. Remember to Repaint

Interior and exterior paint not only enhances the visual appeal of your property but also adds a layer of protection. That’s why it’s important to routinely repaint the walls and roofs. Similarly, you should also get your hardwood floors, decks, and furniture refinished by professionals.

Final Words

If your holiday home remains unoccupied for most of the year, it would be smart to consider renting it out. Not only will this bring in extra income, but it will also enable you to keep up with routine maintenance requirements. You can easily list your property on platforms such as Airbnb for short-term renting.