5 Cities In Ontario With Stunning Architecture

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Are you ready to witness the best architecture Ontario has to offer?

Sure, the Eiffel Tower of France and the Colosseum in Rome are both spectacular pieces of architecture. However, you don’t have to go so far as to witness awing architecture.

Canada is truly blessed, and we are going to explore five cities in Ontario with stunning architecture.

In addition to that, you will also get to understand the beauty of architecture—The unique art form.

Understanding the beauty of architecture

Why is architecture so unique?

Because it does the impossible—Architecture takes “Beauty,” an abstract noun, and gives it a tangible body we can see and appreciate. You can even consider architecture as man’s attempt at creation.

Throughout history, not only are buildings the embodiment of beauty, but they are also landmarks, and for some people, an extension of their culture.

With that, let’s get started.

1. Toronto

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario province, has several iconic structures worth our mention.

The first iconic structure is the Sharp Centre for Design. It’s the perfect representation of the good things in Toronto. The 42-million-dollar building was designed and constructed in 2004 thanks to the collaboration of two architects, Canadian Rob Robbie and British Will Alsop.

The second masterpiece is the Gooderham Building—A famous red-brick building that further articulates the beauty of architecture. The iconic building was constructed in 1894 as an office for George Gooderham, the son of millionaire William Gooderham.

David Roberts Jr, the famous Canadian Architect, designed the building. It’s an impressive five-story building with ceilings that are 12-feet high—A sight for sore eyes.

The Greater Toronto Area’s stunning architecture is not limited to historical structures, though. The city also showcases unique residential architecture styles ranging from Art Deco to Edwardian and contemporary like offerings from Ballymore Homes.

2. Stratford

The City of Stratford is the home to art and culture.

Did you know that Stratford is Justin Beiber’s hometown? Moreover, the city is also known for its exciting Shakespeare festivals.

Stratford is rich in British architecture.

Why is that?

Read through history, and you’ll find that the English, German, Scottish, and Irish immigrants were the city’s pioneers. In fact, the city is named after “Stratford-upon-Avon,” a famous city in England.

The city’s residents have done a great job at maintaining the earliest buildings. The first things you’ll notice are the famous red-brick exteriors. Such exteriors are common with regency-style cottages known for their neoclassical features like the sidelight windows.

Over the years, they have slowly started embracing modern architecture. However, they’ve never failed to add a bit of Gothic design that makes the city somewhat unique. One such building is the famous and recently renovated, Mercer Hall Inn.

3. Paris

Yes, we also have a “Paris” in Ontario, Canada.

Just like the French Paris, this one has a lot to offer. It’s one of those cities that are so different from the rest of Canada. In fact, newcomers might think they have discovered new lands.

Did you know that Paris is known as the prettiest little town in Canada?

The 19th-century buildings found in Paris are the secrets behind its beauty. Some of the best buildings in Paris are more than a century old. Nevertheless, even among modern architecture, they still look elegant and timeless. After all, old is gold.

But Paris is home to more than modern architecture. We invite you to tour Paris and witness various forms of architecture like Gothic, Victorian, and Edwardian.

Paris is also known as “The Cobblestone Capital of Canada.” Some of the oldest cobblestone buildings are still in use today. Ask any informed person, and he or she will tell you of cobblestone’s value.

Some of the walls and roofs in Paris are covered by the Plaster of Paris.

Did you know that Plaster of Paris is treasured by the community living there?

Their very town got the name from the chemical compound—It’s because of the Plaster of Paris that the pioneers settled and decided to build the city.

4. Goderich

It seems this listing will be a showdown for the prettiest cities in Canada.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II once declared Goderich as the prettiest city in all of Canada?

Some claim the declaration is false. Nonetheless, they can’t deny the fact that Goderich is an architecturally rich and attractive city.

Goderich is an urban city that somehow preserved its rural charm. It’s not only about the architectural designs, but also the natural beauty covering the land.

Just like the previous cities, Goderich is home to some 19th-century buildings that give off a native European vibe. The vibe goes well with the low-key city known for its kind and community-minded residents.

The city square is an architectural work of art. It’s in the shape of an octagon. In the middle of the octagon lies the ever-beautiful county courthouse that stands strong to date.

As mentioned earlier, much of Golderich’s beauty is natural and unexplainable. We advise you to visit the city the next time you are on vacation.

Unfortunately, in 2011 the city of Goderich was hit by a massive tornado that destroyed much of its heritage. Regardless of that, the city still stands as one of the most beautiful in all of Canada.

5. Perth

Even though Perth isn’t as rich as the other towns, it still has some heritage architecture worth mentioning. Some of the buildings in Perth can be dated to the 1800s.

Most of the buildings there are of the European style.

Famous examples of old but impressive buildings include The Perth Museum constructed in 1840 and The Perth Town Hall that was constructed in 1863—It’s among the most impressive municipal buildings in Ontario.

The Perth Town Hall is unique. It’s a two-story structure with an interesting copula-shaped clock tower. The people in Perth love this building, and it has continuously served them through the years. It has once served as a police station, post office, council chambers, and even as an auditorium. You should also see the Crystal Palace structure in downtown Perth. It’s amazing. The crystal palace is made from the remains of the glass street bus enclosures that were once present in the nearby city of Ottawa.