A Quick Guide To Choosing A Replacement Kitchen

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A Quick Guide To Choosing A Replacement Kitchen

Redoing your kitchen is an exciting project, and definitely one of the renovation projects that can make the most difference to your home. However, it is also a rather costly and stressful task to undertake, and for this reason, many people end up putting it off.


But planning is half the battle, and with enough preparation, you can soon have a new space to enjoy cooking in once again! With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to choosing a replacement kitchen for your home.



Think about your requirements carefully

The first thing to do when you’re planning your new kitchen is to establish exactly what it is that you need, as well as what you don’t. Take a look at your existing kitchen and think about the things you haven’t used in years, and anything you’ve felt is missing that would make your life easier.


Most importantly, assess your storage space, and these days there are lots of innovative storage solutions that mean you can make much better use of the space that you do have. Here are a few great ideas to consider if you’ve been struggling with your current kitchen storage.


Think about what purpose you want your kitchen to serve and whether you need to open up the space to include a dining or living area, something that is becoming more and more popular.


Be practical

Don’t just get carried away with colour schemes and forget about the boring but important things like plumbing and heating. You will often be able to get away with using the existing plumbing for your new kitchen, but any new features like islands in the centre of the space will need to be thought about carefully before you start work.


Take the time to think about exactly where you want your appliances to be. We recommend keeping them close together as this will keep the plumbing simple.


Also, think about how best to light the space. Task lighting can be really important to ensure that the areas you’ll be doing your prep and other tasks are well lit. This post from Bidvine is great for inspiration when it comes to kitchen lighting.


Get plenty of inspiration

Make sure you look at plenty of sources of inspiration when you’re planning your new kitchen, as you’ll spot all sorts of things you might not have thought of before. Head to showrooms, have a look online, and maybe grab a couple of magazines too.


You could collate your findings in a scrapbook or a Pinterest board so that you can come back and look at your favorite ideas when you’re doing the actual planning.


Hire a team of professionals

If you don’t happen to be a professional kitchen planner yourself, you’ll need to call in the professionals once you’ve got a rough idea of what you want for your new kitchen so that they can make sure you get the most out of the space and that things are practical and achievable.


We spoke to Lakeland Kitchens, and they told us “we try to work with clients to translate their ideas for their dream kitchen into a reality that they will love for years to come. Our industry experience and expertise means we know all sorts of tricks that most people wouldn’t have thought of, and we can also source all of the products and fixtures you need for you.”

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