• Different and best police weapons which are highly used

    Police weapons are always been the center of attraction as they are much different from other kind of security or self defense weapons. The weapons which are used by police do not look only different but they even work differently and can be used for number of reasons and in many ways.

    Different types of police weapons –

    BatonsThis is most important police weapon and in use from early 1800s. This weapon is just like a normal stick but used for many purposes. Different types of batons are expandable batons, stun batons and fixed length weapons. Expandable weapons are always in demand, when they are closed its size is 11 inches and when open can be 31 inches. Fixed length batons have some fixed length like their minimum length is 12 inches and maximum is 31 inches.

    Spy cameras – This is another great tool which is used by police of almost all jurisdictions. Spy cameras are one of the best options that can be preferred for spying anyone or their activities. As the name says, this type of camera is hidden somewhere so no one can get to know about it. It is highly suitable if you want to spy someone, all you need to do is just place camera anywhere and rest this hidden camera will do. There are different types of spy cams available in market like wearable spy camera, clock spy camera, car spy camera, convert spy camera, night vision spy camera, outdoor spy camera, nanny cam and much more.

    Taser gun – Guns are highly helpful in enforcement of crimes and to arrest criminals. That’s why it is important that quality of gun should be good and surviving to work. There are many guns which work quite effectively and taser gun is one of them. This gun is very high-tech and advanced and some even come with target laser. It is handy as well and can easily fit in your pocket or hand wallet.

    Multi tool clubs –Early law professionals rely on batons and they were quite popular as well. In fact, a well known movement was stated to outfit batons with implements like tear gas, whistles, flashlights or torches. About 4 models were built with help of weapon retention devices which will deploy blades or sharp spikes if case officer use batons to grab suspect. These implements seem more than like decent ideas but unfortunately with so many modifications added to baton make it poor weapon for striking.

    Orcutt police nunchaku –It is one of the most popular types of police nunchaku. It is highly found in use in Colorado and Northern California jurisdictions. The set of nunchaku is not used like the way you are thinking about. Although, it can be used as a weapon for striking and it even shines as grappling implement on ankles and wrists for pain compliance. They are quite effective but due to the improper use which is associated with it include limb breaks and wrist breaks. About 30 individuals filed medical complaints against this following protest in 1991 known as anti-abortion protest.


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