A Play on Warm and Cold Tones, as Well as The Use of Natural and Man-Made Materials, is Central to The Design in this Residence | Arch Studio 18

Parking having two different entries , one from the front of the plot and two gates at the longer side of the elevation . Using granite anti-skid pattern to park vehicles safely . There is an entry door for lift lobby and staircase leading to vertical movement for the built up site . 

A Play on Warm and Cold Tones, as Well as The Use of Natural and Man-Made Materials, is Central to The Design in this Residence | Arch Studio 18

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Lift lobby – Entrance elevator taking one person to the upper floors without any hassle . Designed elevator according to our requirement. 

Entrance Foyer –  As your enter the residence floor , very attracting console designed table is kept with brass finish mirror having a background of  wooden louver cladded on the wall.

The client’s requirements was a 5-BHK bungalow, with optimal visual connectivity and openness of plan. For the purpose, a master bedroom and a  small size  bedroom is provided on ground floor along with common space like drawing living, dining and kitchen. In order to enhancing floor integration and utilizing vertical connectivity, staircase lobby has been used as central design element creating an aesthetic duplex. Openness was the driving principal in formulating plan of the project. Family and socializing spaces have been divided using staircase, which has created a unique balance for the client to coordinate between two functions graciously. 

Further, the dining area and the kitchen merge into each other seamlessly. The dining area follows the same color tones of the drawing room. The color palette is muted tones of orange, teal with subtle splashes of warmer white. Pooja room was placed adjoining the drawing area considering it more of a social place situated just near the foyer entrance  . CNC corian design were used to achieve the aesthetic of a worship place .

Kitchen being position at the front of the site  being most active zone for the client who cherish cooking and eating as their rejuvenating time after day’s  schedule work, has been raised to a level, there by enabling the clients to have visual control up to the other end of their abode. A dreamy kitchen design to take away the cooking sorrows once and for all! The fusion of pastel blue with white and black shades makes this kitchen design a masterpiece. The customized resplendent backsplash design elevates the beauty of this kitchen to new heights. Try a new recipe or go for the same old routine; this kitchen design will surely keep your creativity flowing.

As we move to the bedrooms, the accents change to more experimental and pop colour like palettes. This customization ensures the personality of the owner of each room to be reflected in its interiors. In the master bedroom, an electric veneer accent has been used minimally in the upholstery, and the rest are muted tones.  The Italian marble  flooring and PU coated finish with veneer brings in warmth and adds a distinct element of style to space. Washroom created in dark theme along with onyx basin giving it an elegant luxurious touch.

A laudable master bedroom design seals the deal in this haven. The general theme of the master bedroom is minimalistic and glitzy. The pastel shades reflect the charming personality and beliefs of the couple. The fancy cushioned headboard next to the elegant bedding illustrates that even small efforts can create exquisite designs. While the flooring is lustrous, the accent wall boasts of meticulous geometric patterns. Another captivating feature is the wardrobe design. The wall-mounted TV unit is framed with adoration and looks every bit fancy as well as classical.

Their daughter’s  bedroom has a radically different look as hues of white and grey take over. The barbie fan , the pink cabinets are all in the theme of a barbie house. In the bedroom, the primary accent color is pink. With back painted colored glass and white PU finish.. Wooden flooring add a soft and cozy vibe to the place .

The guest bedroom is designed with white and golden tone using brass stirrups and lacquered glass wardrobe , giving tv cabinet a distinctive look using white Pu and textured wall laminates .The first floor lobby used as for circulation  vertically and horizontally designed with pastel ceiling  creating an abstract .

Modern home was to make a comfortable, large, and open space for a large family. The family’s requirements were simple: good light, a large living room, and minimal use of colors. The concept was to implement a greater sense of space through a range of minimal architectural interventions. The colors used are subtle and muted and the elements are condensed to the bare minimum, revealing the true essence of the space. This approach was able to transform the space into a simple but elegant and warm home. The overall vibe of this home is cozy, luxurious, contemporary, and easy on the eyes. A play on warm and cold tones, old and new concepts, as well as the use of natural and man-made materials, is central to the design concept .


Designed by : Arch Studio 18

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Aavas

Location : A- 168  Derawal Nagar , New Delhi 

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 1 Year 6 Months

Project Size: 1800 sq. feet

Project Cost Appx : 3.5 cr

Principal Architect : Ar.Gagan Mahana

Team Design Credits : Ajju Siddiqui , Harish Kushwaha

Photograph Courtesy : Studio Noughts & Crosses

Products and Materials : Finishes  –  ICAPidilite | Wallcovering / Cladding  – Ventura | Construction Materials – Locally Sourced | Lighting  – Jainsons Lights | Doors and Partitions – Duroply | Sanitaryware – Kohler | Facade Systems – Schuco | Windows – Schuco | Furniture – Glamour Furnishers | Flooring – Ahluwalia Marbles | Kitchen – Middas Touch | Paint – Asian Paints | Hardware – Hafele

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