• Beachside Bachelor Pad : Epitome of Freedom and Fun With Youthful Subtlety | AVVO Architects

    Catering to the client’s specific requirements of having an open canvas, the Beachside Bachelor Pad, as the name suggests, is an epitome of freedom and fun with youthful subtlety.

    Beachside Bachelor Pad : Epitome of Freedom and Fun With Youthful Subtlety | AVVO Architects

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    The spatial composition focuses on a sense of comfort in each space. The trifecta of inexplicable luxury, minimalism and discipline makes the design highly functional. This apartment nestled on the banks of the Arabian Sea experiences the salty breeze, crisp sunlight and snuggly warmth.

    From floor to wall to ceiling there is a vision of love for whites. The robustness of console unit, the “Infinity” wall piece and honeycomb chiseled wooden ceiling signify the voyagers at sea. The entrance foyer and bedroom being divided by a sleek glass partition gives the resident the best of both worlds, while the chestnut wood veneer and the concrete wall lay their warmth on the bed.

    The living room is apportioned in two zones. The entertainment unit is an engagement of fluted floor drawers and a centrally placed Black Portoro Marble panel curved smooth on both ends. An automated projector screen descends out from the top in the center of this unit for all sporting events and Netflix binges. The bar table and center table are both made of a single slab of concrete to drop the temperature of the space. A cozy niche has been incorporated to sit back and read with the world peeking through the curtain. To end the day there is no better place than the “Sundaze” swing to enjoy the scenic view and the union of wood and marble flooring at the foot of the sea. From the entrance, the viewer is lead through a foyer with a bedroom running alongside, guided forward to an open kitchen and then a prodigious living room directly opening up to a panoramic sea view.


    Designed by : AVVO Architects

    Project Type : Residential

    Project Name : Beachside Bachelor Pad

    Location : Mumbai

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 2 months

    Project Size : 990 sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Raj Kothari

    Team Design Credits : Vridhi Kasliwal and Jerome Khodaiji

    Photography Courtesy : Aspire Studios

    Products and Materials : Concrete Wall Finish : Vedarealty | Swing : P.O.D | Furniture : Defurn Furniture | Propeller Wall Art : WoodFeather | Concrete Table : Crete-Kala | Bedding : Rearrange Home

    Consultants for the Project : Interior Styling :

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