A Marketing Office And Engineers’ Working Space For Real Estate Development | RA Design Studio

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This workspace is a story of the sun and screens. The project site is located in WAPA (West Ahmedabad Premium Arena), also known as Gujarat’s first planned smart area with scores of high-rise residential projects under construction. Our client, an esteemed real estate developer, needed a marketing office and engineers’ working space for real estate development and upcoming projects in this neighborhood.

A Marketing Office And Engineers’ Working Space For Real Estate Development | RA Design Studio

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The location of the site is adjacent to the main road with no boundary and access to a 360-degree view of other construction sites and the movement of heavy load-bearing vehicles. During the site visit, we located a few clusters of existing trees, so almost intuitively, we decided to build the office around them in a way that they turned into natural design elements.

Conceptually, we planned all working spaces to be arranged in an L shape, parallel to the corridors, which have a tree-covered courtyard on one side, and a view of their construction site on the other. The main approach to the building creates a thoroughfare between the plaza and the courtyard. efficiency and vitality. 

The arrival plaza landscape features stone-edged ponds and stone bollards but no boundary walls. The internal courtyard is bound by a brick jaali wall that becomes the outline of the main office space. A geometrically progressive latticed screen wall makes the space secure and transcends into the most aesthetic element of the project, adding not just texture but also art and quirk to the space.

The concrete infinity benches of the inner tree-shaded courtyard make a relaxing area for visitors and can be used as an open meeting place. The shaded courtyard adds to the serenity of the open space and privacy of the workplace for efficiency and vitality. 

Rawness became an appropriate theme for a construction site office, so we chose reusable materials to add an unprocessed touch. The red bricks used here are 90% recyclable, and the corrugated metal sheets symbolize barricade construction sites.

The use of raw stone ensures that most features can be continued or upcycled when the scheme is ready for possession. Building a 60-meter-long recycled brick wall without concrete support was challenging, but with its parametric patterns, the jaali wall is now a unique boundary for the marketing office. The pattern of the jaali follows the movement of the sun, adding drama to the internal courtyard landscape. 

We took advantage of the sun and focused on the orientation of the overall design. The transition of natural light from morning to evening plays an active role in changing the vibe of the space, with one of the harshest hours being soft in the otherwise hot climate of Ahmedabad.

There’s harmony in the interior and the exterior of this office. The design pays homage to nature, being winter-sweet and summer-cool at the same time. The trees have been left outside as well as brought inside, adding a character to each frame.

The sculptures also share the changing mood as they sit and relax near the pond outdoors while the ones inside stand tall and alert. The understated influence of natural and raw materials is well maintained by minimalist interiors, giving sunlight the freedom to take over.

The sensitive architecture creates a spatial experience by simply harnessing the power of nature.The design philosophy of keeping well-being at the core of the interiors, spirited by the surrounding exteriors, creates an enriching relationship between a built environment and humans!


Designed by : RA Design Studio

Project Type : Office

Project Name : Marketing Office 

Location : Ahmedabad

Year Built : 2022

Project Size : 9687 Sq.ft

Principal Architects : Radhika Savani Dutt & Arpit Dutt

Photograph Courtesy : Vinay Panjwani

Firm’s Instagram Link : RA Design Studio

Source : Archdaily


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