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    A luxurious, contemporary, 4BHK villa in Baroda, is filled with colour, design and details. Even though each room has its distinct aesthetics, each element fuses seamlessly to create a lovely space. The panelling creates an artistic look and feel with different creative textures to introduce a sense of zen and tranquillity. The space anchors a homogenous appearance with its neutral colour scheme, which wrap the space in a sense of unification visually.

    A Luxurious, Contemporary 4BHK Villa In Baroda | Studio

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    The design elements in this Bhaili villa are chosen materials that are very easy to handle and low maintenance. It also provided them with proper lighting and created a very spacious space. The interior ornamentation creates a distinction amidst zones while keeping the spaces connected. The concept was aimed to design this contemporary villa as a sanctuary of comfort and luxury while using unique and elegant materials. Touches of rose gold balance and complement the hues of the interior palette theme, creating an interesting melange of cool and warm tones. The inspiration and key concept for the development of the project was to keep the designing very unique and not mainstreaming with the following current trends going around in interiors.

    Entering the house, one can see the balancing act of shades of colours with solid wood ceiling making the villa look more appealing and live. The elegant vestibule leads to the living area, where the interiors follow a subtle colour scheme, highlighting the luxurious Italian marble flooring, rich materials, and exquisite décor details.

    Unexpected touches like the exaggerated lights, artifacts, accents, curtains and elusive wooden ceiling patterns in the living room add eye soothing element. One is welcomed by a refreshing air through windows that keeps the living room ventilated throughout the day. 

    Leatherette upholstered sofas, chairs and center table with black glass top add luxe with a beautiful rug. While modern crystal led chandelier compliments the living room décor elegantly.

    In the family sitting area, the selection of fabric for the furniture is carefully chosen with its self-textures to justify the luxurious concept that space was meant to abide by. The L-shaped grey sofa with integrated leatherette service table and modern sintered stone top tea table compliments the room decor.

    The TV wall is minimal and speaks of its vast generous texture with an interesting play of open wooden shelves. A rectangular console is wall hung with its reflective surfaces keeping it simple and elegant. While the sofa back wall is décor with colourful vintage monoprint art wall which accentuates with wall colour palate.

    The wooden ceiling design with profile light increases the perceptual dimensional characteristics of the space by manifolds. Pooja area is design beside the family sitting area such a way that it creating an eye soothing décor.  It is a haven of peace and solitude, perfect for one to connect with their spiritual self.

    The Pooja room has a unique design with a knotted simplicity and pleasingly. It is designed as an ornate backdrop with a white stone cladded wall accentuated by two hanging lamps. The marble flooring that compliments the modern textured rug. While a white top with wooden furniture highlighted by an arched shaped décor and heritage design pillar add charm to this pooja area.

    Further, a continuing wooden ceiling from the sitting area with led profile light to an elegant dining space in respective to the concept of keeping it as open plan layout.

    The designer’s technique of creating this linear patch of family sitting and dining, not only seemingly increased the volume of the space, but also brought a sense of calm to the home.

    The minimalist Italian marble dining top for the dining, paired with light-palette tufted chairs, compliments the grey curtains.

    The kitchen has been kept minimal and functional with grey hues to avoid staining. The ‘Less is More’ approach is the key to designing the functional spaces in a house. The kitchen is adorned with its modular units, white platforms, countertops and wall cabinets looks elegantly.

    Also, the idea of adding a modern white curved breakfast table with unique bar stools separates the dining area from the kitchen while maintaining a sense of uninterrupted flow. The stunning glass chandelier adds charm to the décor. Multifunctional and maintenance-free kitchen with ultra-modern storage systems that are customized to suit the specific needs of the client.

    First bedroom is on the ground floor with an elegant modern décor. The bedroom exudes its own style and user’s personality. The wooden panelling wall behind the bed is accentuates with stone cladded panel. While sea green velvet tufted headboard highlight the wooden bed décor and warm light adds charm to the wall décor.

    The TV unit reflects the overall charisma by white backdrop with vertical lines. L-shape working desk with unique wooden leg in the bedroom corner with light palette furniture looks elegant with off white wall.

    The well-decorated staircase takes one to the first-floor towards three bedrooms. The staircase has a different dark tiling tone. A beautiful abstract wall design between two-bedroom entrances highlights the space.

    The huge modern pendent light is the highlight of the stair case. While the second floor consists of a theater room with a pantry, whereas one of the wall of staircase is décor with a fine geometric pattern with copper gives an ambience look.

    The Master bedroom on the first floor has a level play on the wall and ceiling – adding a hint of class and uniqueness.  In the master bedroom, a niche in the wall became an element to use 3d textures and dark beige vertical panel with patterns on right side creates a rich ambiance.

    The grey palette bed with velvet upholstery headboard compliments the white side drawers with a beautiful light fixture. We wanted it to be a classic with an essence of luxurious vibe as-well. All the materials, lines and forms were planned accordingly.

    The TV unit wall with a white backdrop accentuates a beautiful glassy drawer unit which is highlighted with a curved mirror. The unique ceiling design of the bedroom makes it more elegant and highlighting the space.

    The master bedroom had a huge balcony which was a well decorated with different elements. The floor tiling and wooden texture roof add a luxe factor to the balcony area.

    Family members and friends can spend time for fun and relaxation in this spacious balcony with a cup of tea. The floral jali design on the façade compliments the wooden texture column and wooden railing fence.

    The third bedroom is beautifully designed with different elements and a colour palette. A classy yet playful look with its grey glossy patterned backdrop which highlighted the tufted headboard of the bed.

    The elegant design of the bed with the unique style of side table is an eye-soothing element of the bedroom.

    The colour tone in the room is white, with hints of colour added through the soft coloured shade on the sitting furniture with velvet upholstery which accentuates the linear wooden design on the ceiling. While L-shape working desk with light shade and wooden legs compliments the grey blind curtain.

    The fourth bedroom is design with an elegant tone that complements the occupant’s choice of keeping it simple and light. The designer chose a muted blue and grey colour palette with grey floral curtains. A grey-pattern backdrop with blue leatherette multitube headboard compliments the side table of the bed.

    The modern design of a grey wardrobe with black belt and an elegant TV unit design adds the luxe factor to the bedroom. The highlight element is a blue lounge armchair with a multicoloured cushion and reindeer head wall canvas adds charm to this bedroom.

    Like other bedrooms, this bedroom also has a working desk with the storage units in a grey palette complimenting the modern blue pendent light.

    On the second floor of the villa has an entertainment room with a grey backdrop of the room. Wooden flooring makes it more unique than all the rooms in the villa. Red recliner seating like a cinema and three cushion bar stools compliments the furnishings.

    The theatre room also consists of a pantry area, it has a black top counter with white drawers. While grey upper cabinets with black glass shutter designed elegantly with warm light.

    All the washrooms essentially have a modern feel to them. Wall cladded tiles, combination with the cabinets and glass partitions.  The platforms, mostly in dark tones, work as the focal points of the space with beautiful washbasin. The wardrobes in adjoining dressing areas have been specially designed according to the needs of each room. Designer used different material applications, fixtures of latest brands, use of different lights and exquisite mirrors on the walls.

    The minimalist and classy interiors maintain the charm of the villa in all parts of the villa. A wide range of artefacts ornaments the interiors of this villa along with wall decors and textures. Hence, a perfect overlay of design, material and detailing for the client to relive each moment at the crack of the dawn and throughout. Sourcing of material was playing a major role as retains the perfection of the aesthetics and comfort every furniture used in the villa.


    Designed by : Studio

    Project Type : Residential

    Project Name : Villa 50

    Location : Bhayli, Vadodara, Gujarat

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 1 year

    Plot Area : 7000 sq.ft

    Built up : 5500 sq.ft

    Project Size : 5500 sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx : 1.25 Crore

    Principal Designer : Kamil Banjara

    Team Design Credits : Mrinalini Birla, Bansri Vora & Kiran Khatri

    Photograph Courtesy : Tejas Shah

    Products/Materials/Vendors : Wallcovering / Cladding – D’Decor / Lighting – The White Teak Company / Sanitaryware – Kohler / Furniture – Stanley Boutique / Flooring – Baba Marbles / Kitchen – Nolte India Paint – Asian Paints / Artefacts – The White Teak Company / Wallpaper – D’Decor / Hardware – Hafele India Private Ltd.

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Studio


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