10 Good Reasons for Timely Roof Inspection

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Often roofs are compared to tires. This is because people think of these only when an issue crops up and replace the same when they absolutely must. The point is, when people think about tires and follow a regular maintenance regime; then the same should also be done to make sure that the roof gets the needed maintenance for boosting its useful life. To extend the life of a roof begins with regular inspections. In fact, it should be inspected at least twice a year- once after the summer and once after the winter. Be it steep or low slope; all roofs need to be inspected.

Why Timely Roof Inspection Matters?

Below are ten valid reasons that throw light on why opting for timely roof inspection matters,

  • Aging and Weathering-Every roof whatsoever undergoes normal aging and weathering, and its impacts are generally visible. Because roofs age and weather usually, openings are likely to occur, resulting in water infiltration. Inspections regularly call attention to a weathered area and allow an owner in scheduling maintenance on such deficiencies to stop further damage. For best results get in touch with a roofing Herriman
  • Storm Damage- Hail, high winds, and other forms of weather events are likely to damage the roof, which in turn may trigger insurance claims or repairs. Every roof must be inspected right away after weather events for preventing further damage owing to water infiltration. Any form of water or hail damage may demand major or minor maintenance depending upon its severity. Insurance loss adjusters have stated that a good amount of damage resulting from storms results from the material, debris, or components blown from the roof in a high wind. Branches and tree limbs may fall on roofs leading in significant damages. Storm damage may need costly emergency repairs. A timely inspection will be an excellent means of keeping the roof in the pink of health. Among other things, this inspection will work wonders in finding leaks, damage from vegetation, and drainage problems.
  • Routine Maintenance Damage- The moment a roof does not get protected properly, it can cause damage from tradespeople conducting maintenance on ACs or other systems. Sometimes this occurs owing to trades failing in closing mechanical access panels especially on the roof or a leaving a refrigerant container. Maintenance trades moreover fail in cleaning their debris. Stuff left on a roof will result in a flying object in the high wind. Regular inspections are a must as it helps in incorporating roof cleaning into ongoing maintenance cycles.
  • Leak Assessment- The leaks post a heavy downpour is a key trigger for the maximum number of inspections. Yet a leak is symptomatic of an issue which is building for quite some time and right tools can save time and efforts, a tool review is highly suggested , Often this leakage indication may act as the silver lining as sans evidence of leaks in the roof, a festering issue of the moisture infiltration that is undetected may go on creating unseen deterioration like corrosion, wet insulation, mold, or rotting wood. Experienced professionals will conduct a complete diagnosis and leak investigation as the moisture’s entry point is likely to be far from detection or visual evidence points. A roof leak may be an indication of a serious roof issue or a minor local problem. Maximum roofs in best conditions have leaks occasionally owing to a minor flashing issue.
  • Proper Drainage- A couple of characteristics are equally crucial to the performance of a roof as roof drainage and slope. Water accumulating on the roof will boost up the chances of moisture infiltration and leaks manifold. Ensuring the right drainage is a vital reason for a roof inspection regularly. Debris, trash, leaves, and objects that are thrown often obstruct or clog the roof drain, thereby causing standing water conditions. Cleaning the roofs regularly will work wonders in removing these obstructions and allowing water in draining effectively, thus cutting down the chances of leaks. Water moreover is heavy. Poor drainage will accelerate the process of deterioration of the roofing material resulting in a shorter lifespan of the roof assembly in its entirety.
  • Vegetation Damage- The truth is, vegetation may grow on a roof, especially when the gutter or any other low area is not regularly cleaned. Besides, birds too may nest on a roof. Besides, they deposit seeds as well that result in vegetation. A gutter is a vegetation growth source owing to the collection of moisture, seeds, and dirt. Besides, roots may penetrate via the roof membrane, thereby creating leaks. Such damages can be pervasive and significant. Inspection regularly can prevent major damages.
  • Roof Cleaning- Roof inspection regularly will draw attention towards regular roof cleaning. Debris and loose trash along with causing wind damage may also wash to low points on gutters or drains.
  • Security- Often thieves break into buildings via skylights or unlocked roof hatches. Inspections regularly will help in disclosing security breaches, thereby allowing owners in reducing the chances of burglary or vandalism. Though broken skylights may be a leakage source, skylights that are unsecured may present security threats too.
  • Warranty Repairs- Most owners make payments for repairs which fall under the manufacturer’s or contractor’s roof warranty. A leak may result from several factors, of which just a handful is covered under roof warranties. The main step that a homeowner should do is to maintain possession as well as ready access to warranty documents and filing of claims daily.
  • Improvements- Inspections regularly will throw light on the requirement for constant building improvements, a majority of which impacts the roof. Roof access is a vital provision when it comes to every building. Regular Inspections must become a priority for every building owner. They are cost-effective and can offer valuable information which can keep expensive repairs away later on. Most importantly, it will offer a checklist with regards to routine maintenance and allow owners in preparing future budgets.

The bottom line is, every homeowner should consider regular roof inspection as a priority for best results.


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  • I really like how you talked about leak detection and assessment as things that a roof inspection can help you with. I’ve heard many horror stories of a house undergoing severe repairs after a neglected leak, so I would want to prevent them as much as possible. After reading your article, I’ll definitely hire a roofing expert for some inspections right away.

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