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    Jewellery by Nikitha, is an upscale design boutique in the bustling by lanes of Bangalore designed by Val Atelier. A jewellery boutique designed with modern aesthetics that exude luxury. Having designed Jewellery by Nikitha Hyderabad outlet in the past, we understood the needs of our client and introduced many modern concepts in the design. We leaned towards using arched nooks to display jewellery and to add a touch of modern luxury. We looked at each corner as an opportunity to tell a modern tale of aesthetics. We designed the store with a mix of materials, like a huge marble slab as the feature wall, and a unique style staircase with a mix of fabric and wood. To balance the arched nooks in the retail display wall, we kept the other elements very geometric.

    A Jewellery Boutique Designed With Modern Aesthetics That Exude Luxury | Val Atelier

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    A semi boucle fabric on the stools and luxe fabric on the chairs and table was used to add character to the space. For the reception area we wanted to work in the modern jungle theme. Adding Indian and exotic plants as a backdrop for asymmetric flowing shaped sofa complimented with purple accent chairs. We wanted clean lines to add sense of balance to the arched nooks. Implementation of textures in every corner of the room was a wise choice. We enhanced the look by adding greens in every corner.

    Jewellery by Nikitha a luxurious one storey bespoke jewelry brand situated in the bylines of the hustling bustling city of Bangalore, a space that will transport to the world of modern minimalism. Having worked with Jewellery by Nikhita store before in the Hyderabad, we could understand the nerve of our clients need very accurately.

    The client wanted a symphony of jewelry design with architectural design. On this note, we started with main element the jewelry display area. The clarity on the need of a non-daunting retail display lead us in the direction of niches. Individual niches for each bespoke piece of jewelry. The niches were a touch of modern elegance to the space. The mirrors were also specifically designed in an arch shape to compliment the retail display area.

    Material is a key any of our project, we used large marble cladding for the feature wall on which the logo brand was displayed. A beautiful marble with tinges of light brown, beige and greys. The logo of the brand was engraved in the beautiful gold. A statement piece of marble to elevate the face of the interiors on both the storeys.

    For the reception area we had a vision of creating a modern jungle vibe. We started with our asymmetric fluid shaped sofa and to complete the look we potted many Indian and exotic plants. A bright pop of color was added through the chairs and beautiful frames on the feature wall. Accessories were neutral conferring to our theme of neutral modernity. We used textured semi boulce fabric on the sofa and velvet on the chair to add a contrast of textures.

    A bookshelf acted as backdrop for space used by the jewelry designers (Karigars) and clients to have conversations regarding jewelry design, customization, and many tropical topics. The bookshelf was added a chic look and practicality, while the books acted as reference points and inspiration.

    The staircase, a statement in itself. We used 2 materials on the staircase, a rug fabric and the classic wood floor laminate. On the staircase wall we wanted an element that pulls the look together and we choose Mdf beading in the English classic style. Railing a beautiful geometric structure in black added contrast to the space.

    We continued Mdf beading on the wall next to the staircase wall to add element of continuity and brush of statement yet a subtle wall backdrop for our display tables.

    Display tables were cladded with leather for the lived in luxury effect adorned with arched legs, this indefinitely synced with our arched niches on the wall. The tables had wooden block table extension with storage space and plant holder pockets so as to satisfy our green thumb. Chairs were luxe fabric with oval handles and other seating used in the space was a beautiful semi boucle fabric with oval handles.

    We used large neutral grey brown tiles as the flooring material to compliment the entire materials library for the store. The entire store was constructed in neutral tones from the laminates, to the flooring, to the wall color. We ensured the vision of the client was translated in the real form.


    Designed by : Val Atelier

    Project Type : Boutique jewellery store – Commercial Building

    Project Name : Jewellery By Nikhitha

    Location : Banglore

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 3 months

    Project Size : 3960 sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Vaishanvi Linga

    Photograph Courtesy : Arjun Krishna

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Grey oak Veneer,  Spanish tiles, Wood, leather finish on table top, bronze legs / Wallcovering / Cladding – Marble cladding for highlight, mdf wall cladding / Construction Materials – Cement / Lighting – track lights, recessed spot lights to light individual products, double height chandelier / Facade Systems – Glass and metal / Furniture – Custom made to suit the needs of the project / Flooring – Large size spanish tile / Paint – Regular paint finish / Artefacts – Claymen, Ellementory, Whispering homes, Altrove,Ikea and Nicobar / Hardware – Black and bronze metal.

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