The scope of water damage restoration services

Prolonged water exposure damages properties, and the sooner you start the restoration process, the better it is. In normal conditions, water damage to households or any other commercial establishment can happen due to the malfunction of plumbing systems that causes water leaks. The plumbing system runs across the entire property, both inside the building and outside within the premises. There are several possibilities of damage to the plumbing system. 

First, blockage of the sewer pipes can result in sewer backup when dirty water spreads across the property and even damage the foundation of buildings. Second, leaking roofs can allow water to reach various parts of the building structure and damage it. Groundwater infiltration can happen due to malfunctioning or leaking sump water pit that floods the basement. Finally, undetected leaks in the concealed pipelines result in long-term damage to property.

Water causes various types of damages

Floods are the other reason for water damage to property, and their effects can be pretty devastating. Any water leakage or flooding can cause significant issues not only by damaging property but also due to the health hazards it poses. The most concerning matter is that soon after water fills various parts of your home or office, mold growth sets in immediately within24 hours, even if the damage is relatively small. The slightest damp environment encourages mold growth. Property damage is unavoidable due to water accumulation because it can weaken the building structure and pose various safety hazards, especially the possibility of fire from damaged electrical wires and circuits. Delay in detecting water damage only increases the danger. 

Soon upon detecting water damage, you must stop the source of water leakage and plug all gaps from where more water can enter your home. Immediately call for Las Vegas water damage restoration with SERVPRO. The company has the expertise to help you recover from any disaster caused by water or fire.  The company has the right resources and trained professional teams that can quickly start the restoration process first by driving out the water from the premises and then cleaning up thoroughly while helping to salvage some of the damaged items as much as possible. 

Here are some actions that the professional restoration company would take to carry out water damage restoration work.

Pumping out water

Assuming that the water level remains stagnant, the professional water damage restoration process begins by pumping out the accumulated water to obliterate water from the affected areas. The company might use the sump pump installed on the premises or their heavy-duty pumps to accomplish the task quickly by removing large volumes of water in the shortest time. Extraction is vital to implement an effective restoration service that helps the property regain much of its original configuration and looks by salvaging most of the water-affected items barring a few which might be completely damaged. In addition, faster water removal is necessary to prevent irreversible damage to the building and other structures. 

Debris removal and demolition

Soon after the water recedes, the professionals in charge of restoration will inspect the property thoroughly to understand if there has been any structural damage.  Depending on the extent of damage, it might not be possible to salvage some building materials like drywall up to the level of studs and carpets, carpet padding, etc. The removal of debris after necessary demolition occurs before the drying process. For example, removing drywalls would expose the cavities, and removing the carpeting exposes the floor under it so that the drying process of the affected places is more effective. If there is no significant structural damage detected during inspection, the professionals will start the drying process. 

The process of debris removal also entails cleaning the property so that it is ready for drying.


The company professionals start the drying process by deploying heavy-duty air movers that can dry the property quickly and simultaneously use dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. The drying of the property is vital for ensuring dry air in the building so that it eliminates the chances of mold growth. 

Restoration of items

Water can damage many of your belongings, but the extent of water exposure determines the chances of salvaging those items. Most items that have slight water exposure are easy to salvage. The advanced restoration technologies used by the restoration companies help salvage most of the items, including those that are badly damaged. Before starting the process of salvaging the contents, the restoration company starts the content pack-out process that includes identifying the items according to their type and the amount of damage. It will help to segregate items that are easier to salvage, like clothes, textiles, photos, hard goods, electronics, and more. Remove these from the site to a safe location for restoration.  Since water is highly damaging, many of the items might be beyond restoration, while many others would be good for use again.

Antimicrobial application

In certain conditions, despite drying, mold and fungal growth may be a concern.  Since mold growth can start within 24 hours when conditions are favorable, as a precautionary measure, the restoration company may consider applying antimicrobials to destroy existing mold spores, if any, and eliminate the chances of mold growth. Speak with the company before you about how capable they are of removing fungal growth. 

Reconstruction and build back

In the final step of the restoration process, when the premises are clean and dry, the restoration company takes up the reconstruction process after verifying the dryness of the building structure and the humidity level of the indoor air. The process involves a lot of construction work necessary to restore the building and help it regain its original looks besides making it fully functional once again. For example, the activities might include creating new drywall, re-laying electrical lines and plumbing, and various finishing jobs. Upon completing the reconstruction process, the building should look like new construction wholly painted and finished like new buildings.

 A full-service water damage restoration company undertakes complete responsibility for water damage mitigation and rebuilding. 

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