4 Metal Roofing Benefits to Consider in Colorado

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Roofing in Colorado is important. Because of the intense weather, such as hail and heavy snow, your home needs something strong! Some options you can choose from include tile, metal, and even plastic. Each of these has their benefits, but metal is known to be one of the strongest and sturdiest options. 

Unless you have roofing experience, it’s best to leave any roofing projects to a professional company such as Metal Roofing Fort Collins.With a properly installed roof, you are guaranteed all the benefits listed below!

1. Reliability 

Some of the more common types of roofs these days are ceramic or cement, which, unfortunately, are likely to break and crack. Metal is much more resistant to cracks and rips, and as a result, is less likely to have leaks and risk water damage to your attic and fascia. 


Metal materials are susceptible to denting, where tile ones are not. However, a metal roof with a dent is still resistant to leaking and will not alter its overall effectiveness. This additional sturdiness and effectiveness, even when dented, makes metal a more reliable roof for Fort Collins weather than tile options. 

2. Longevity 

Metal roofs are known to last up to 80 years when maintained and taken care of, which is significantly longer than the typical 20 to 30 years on most tile. 

In states like Colorado, this is especially important because of all the hail. A tile material is likely to crack and require replacing much earlier than the expected 20-year minimum. 

With the lifespan of a metal roof being about 4 times longer than tile or shingle, you will save the amount of money that would have gone into replacing a roof 4 times. Not to mention, avoiding frequent replacements is great for the environment!

3. Low Maintenance 

As said before, tile roofs require a great deal of maintenance to keep them looking nice on your home. Oftentimes, mold and discoloration can occur causing your house to appear dirty or unkempt. 

Using professional pressure washing and chemical treatments are great ways to reduce this, but can be expensive over time. Additionally, the porous nature of tile and cement causes these buildups of mildew or mold to form faster than on metal and become ever more damaging over time. 

In the case of a metal roof, there is very little risk for buildup, as it is smooth with no pores. This resistivity to bacteria/mold growth results in significantly less maintenance needed to keep your house looking sharp! 

4. Great Style

Metal roofs are coming into fashion very quickly! They provide a sleek and elegant aesthetic to any home. Shingles have always been popular, but are starting to fade in a lot of areas. 

Materials such as recycled plastic and metal are beginning to take over popularity because their appearance is more modern. With the aesthetic appeal and added perks of low maintenance and a long lifespan, metal roofs are the newest and most popular style choice! 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the right roof for you in Fort Collins can be difficult, but it will make a great difference in cost expenses based on your choice! Using a metal material will ensure that you don’t have to endure frequent extensive repair work on cracked tiles and cleanings. 

Additionally, a metal roof won’t need to be replaced it for almost a century! A shingle or tile material will need to be replaced 4 times more often than metal, which will add up quickly. Increasing the aesthetic and style of your home is an added perk that is guaranteed to come with a metal roof, as they are attractive and becoming very popular! 


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