8 Tips on Saving Electricity on Your Home

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As the world continued to feel the effects of skyrocketing costs of energy, end users are now more than ever looking for ways to conserve energy. Electricity bills can be manageable if you become knowledgeable about various ways to stop wasting power. You can’t expect to cut all your electricity costs to zero, but the following tips will aid you in saving a few dollars. Otherwise, you could switch energy supplier with Simplyswitch.com by comparing and choosing the best and cheaper provider for you.

Change to LED bulbs

Traditional incandescent bulbs are notorious for consuming large amounts of electricity. Seeing that lighting in a home is essential, you might want to change to LED or fluorescent lamp bulbs. These modern bulbs are designed to use about 70% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. It should be noted they are more expensive than the traditional alternatives, but in the long run, they last longer, canceling out the costs.

Go solar

Solar energy is freely given to us by Mother Nature. We hardly utilize the sun’s energy while it could come in handy when trying to save up on electricity costs. Thanks to technology, today the market offers solar panels and other solar-powered appliances that could replace electricity in your home. These solar-powered appliances simply convert solar energy into electricity. Although the initial purchasing costs of the solar panels may be high, they depend on solar power, effectively cutting down operational costs.

Utilize the sun’s passive energy

During the day, you could cut down your dependency on electricity for lighting and heating purposes. How so? Firstly, look for window treatments that will allow the sun’s light to penetrate through the windows and offer natural lighting in the house. This should cut your lighting costs during the day. During winter, when the sun comes out, take advantage of the heat by opening the doors and windows to allow heat in. Close the entry points immediately the sun is out to prevent the heat from escaping.

Switch to energy-efficient appliances

Your washing machine gifted to you on your wedding day might be very precious, but it could be the reason why you receive high electricity bills. Older models of appliances were not designed to conserve energy. However, manufacturers have tried looking for solutions by designing energy-efficient appliances that cut down the amount of electricity used. These models may be expensive to purchase, but in the long-run, you will avoid skyrocketing electricity bills.

Unplug appliances when not in use

This tip may seem quite obvious apart from the fact that a majority of people are guilty of betraying it. Most people leave appliances such as laptops and television sets on standby. Unknown to many electricity consumers, leaving appliances on standby even when not necessarily in use, continues to draw energy. If you aren’t using the appliances for some time, unplug them completely from the sockets. The electricity consumed may seem insubstantial, but when pooled together, it will make sense.

Install an automatic thermostat

You have probably realized that you use a lot of energy heating your home then cooling it down to maintain temperatures to desirable levels. A programmable thermostat eliminates these inconveniences. The smart gadget allows you to pre-set your home’s temperature automatically at different times of the day. For instance, you could set the thermostat to heat your home at a specific temperature in the morning and re-adjust it later in the evening. Even in your absence, no energy is lost, re-adjusting the temperature to preferable levels.

Look into reducing large appliance power waste

Your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer may be energy efficient but might still consume substantial portions of your electric bill. Consider running these machines on full loads to reduce the amount of time used in running them. For example, pool all your laundry together as a family to cut down the number of times the washing machine runs per cycle.

Make use of a clothesline

Your dryer consumes one of the largest portions of your electric bill. During the summer, make use of your clothesline installed in the backyard. The clothes get to dry in the sun while you incur no dryer costs. Dryers are also notorious for increasing your house’s temperature when running. You are likely to use more energy when trying to cool down your home after running the dryer. If there are ways to avoid using the dryer, take the option.

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