• 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Custom Home

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    Custom houses are becoming increasingly popular, which is not surprising considering the current situation of the real estate market. Due to historically high housing prices, purchasers are more ready to pay more for a home customized to their desires. Building a custom home assures that you get a house that’s ideal for you and your family, but it also means that you have to take on additional decision-making duties you otherwise wouldn’t have. To help you out, we compiled a list of the most common 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Custom Home to ensure you get your dream home with minimal disruptions and in record time.

    #1: Picking the Lowest Bid

    You might be thinking that choosing the contractor with the lowest quote will free up more funds for the building of the house. And it makes sense in theory. For instance, you may use the additional cash you wind up saving to construct a deck. However, when it comes to actually building a home, you frequently get what you paid for.

    Selecting the lowest bidder only because they are the lowest is a recipe for disaster. The lowest bidder could not be telling the truth about how much the project would cost and is instead only bidding for the work. The last thing you want is for them to use lower-quality materials and cut shortcuts during building. So, for starters, make sure your builder has been thoroughly vetted.

    #2: Trying to Manage Things Yourself

    The only thing worse than picking the wrong contractors is trying to act as the main contractor yourself. No matter how many online articles about building a house you’ve read, you make a huge mistake unless you’re an expert builder. It takes more than just hiring all the subcontractors to be a general contractor; if you don’t want to overpay for subpar work, even that requires a lot of expertise and labor.

    In addition to managing the logistics of the building, contractors must be able to overcome any difficulties that may develop during both the design and construction phases. Working with an experienced contractor gives you the peace of mind that the job will be completed on schedule and to a high standard.

    Caption: Picking the right contractors and builders is the first step to ensuring a smooth process.

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    #3: Poor Space Planning

    Space planning and design are critical unless you have plans to create a vast home. Having lots of storage is essential, but you also need to consider where you put it. For example, one should be in the corridor and one in each bedroom. However, if there are too many closets, you’d only be shrinking your living space to make enough room for storage space, and that’s just impractical.

    While storage space is essential, you can always rent a separate storage unit in your area for anything that doesn’t have to be within your reach at all times. Professionals at Centennial Moving advise that you should get all the assistance you need, but make sure you do your research whenever you’re dealing with storage services, movers, contractors, etc.

    #4: Choosing a Bad Location

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to building your own home can happen long before you even start building, and that’s choosing the wrong location. Although the lot’s location will affect your overall building costs, this is not an area where you should aim to save costs. Since location is crucial in real estate, it is a good idea to remember the saying, “you get what you pay for.”

    So, when developing a new home, do your homework and look at local crime statistics, traffic patterns, school options, and any other possible resale killers like hectic streets, railway tracks, and even flood plans.

    Caption: Picking a great spot is much more important than using all the most expensive materials.

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    #5: No Natural Lighting

    When building and designing your own home, you have to think about the ambiance. Of course, there should be a lot of outlets and light fixtures. However, every room should also have as many huge windows as feasible. The primary source of lighting should always be natural light. If possible, consider installing skylights to maximize natural light sources.

    #6: Not Being Flexible

    Another on the list of mistakes to avoid when building a custom home is not being flexible enough. Whenever there’s a construction, you must take deadlines with a grain of salt. You should always expect building delays. They frequently occur during construction because of lousy weather or inadequate structures. Keeping an open mind will help you avoid a lot of tension when creating.

    Caption: You shouldn’t constantly check up on your construction – it will cause you more stress than necessary.

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    #7: Thinking Short-Term

    A custom-built home is the goal of the majority of homeowners, and they usually plan to live there until they pass away and leave it to their kids. Do you intend to remain there until you reach retirement age? If so, you need to take that into account when designing the space. Build with limited mobility in mind. Even if something happens and you don’t grow old in that house, think about possible improvements that potential buyers could value as well.

    Believe it or not, considering the big picture, like this, during the construction process might prevent several significant issues later on. Elevated front porches and second-floor master bedrooms, which can be inaccessible following, say, a broken hip or surgery, are examples of potential future issues.

    #8: Micromanaging Your Builders

    Avoid micromanaging once you’ve thoroughly investigated the home builder you choose and spoken with the business to make sure they understand your needs. Allow the employees to complete the tasks for which you are paying them.

    This does not imply that you should stop participating in the process. You should bring up the issue if it isn’t being resolved to your satisfaction. However, you shouldn’t question everything the business does.

    Final Thoughts

    Building your own custom home is a dream come true for many people. But it also comes with a lot of challenges. By knowing what common mistakes to avoid when building a custom home, you can ensure a smooth process. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the results!

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