5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Home Paint Color

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Home is where love resides, memories are created, and life belongs. Home is not a place, it is a feeling. Hence, when a place is so crucial in importance, designing and redefining it as suited to your own personality and nature is absolutely necessary. It is the four walls of our homes with which we identify most with and get an assurance of safety from.


  1. Floor It!

It is always good to stay grounded and start from the bottom. Surprisingly, most of the times, the color and texture of the floor becomes the basis upon which depends the colors of the walls and furniture. It is necessary that the choice of the color and texture of the flooring, be it white tiled or wood-paneled, be made before the choice of colors for the walls are made. The floor often helps in enhancing and complementing the hue and texture of the walls and other furnishings, so make sure it receives the first attention before the walls.


  1. Light It Up!

It is imperative that you judge the amount of natural light entering your rooms before picking up a tone for your walls. The color palette for the walls often look very different depending upon the light. Lighter shades for the walls of a room that often gets a more than fair share of sunlight may result in paling the walls, making them look faded and almost white, while, the same if used for a room that is dimly lit, they bring in a sense of joy and lightness. Darker shades, though may appear luscious and elegant in properly lit rooms, may also create a sense of claustrophobic suffocation in rooms with little natural light.


  1. Hello from The Other Side!

With open spaced room layouts and half walls, arches or any other sort of framed structure that separates two spaces being in vogue these days, the decision of painting both spaces the same color or choose different colors that complement both the spaces, becomes very important. The choice of colors in this scenario can be a little tricky for if the walls are to be painted in similar hues, it is important to see whether the flow of continuity is maintained and if the walls are to be painted in different hues, one should make sure that the walls do not give a disjointed look to the house.


  1. Closing In, Fading Out

When choosing colors for your walls, the size and proportions of the rooms should be kept in mind for it greatly influences the choice. Lighter colors for small-proportioned rooms give a feeling of openness and largeness while darker hues make it appear claustrophobic. On the other hand, darker hues for large rooms draw the room in and gives a cozier vibe to it while lighter shades make the room appear excessively large. Read this for more ideas on walls and their decoration.


  1. Through the Looking Glass

When all is said and done, it is your home- one that reflects your identity. Scientific studies prove that color psychology is a real thing and hence your choice of colors should portray the vibe you seek after to give to your house. In general, pale and light-hued colors like blues and greens provide a sense of cooling calmness, freshness and serenity while warm hued colors like reds and oranges raise the room’s vivacity and energy and serve greatly to enable socialization. Tints of yellow, though emitting a very positive vibe may also appear too bright or some thereby bringing out a negative response to it while neutral shades give an aura of refinement.


Also, before painting your room, you should give a thought to where it may lead to in the future- whether it’ll be reformed into a different room like a nursery or whether it’ll be sold soon and choose your color accordingly. Keeping these concerns in mind prevents undesirable hassles in the long run and helps you create the home of your choice- a home that is the birthplace of love, hope and dreams.

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  • Great post, After reading this article I got detailed information about choosing the home paint color. It will be very useful when planning to change my home interior.

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