7 Pet Friendly Interior Tips for your Home


Let’s be honest, us humans love our pets! Dogs and cats are especially wonderful companions and become members of the family. It is perhaps fair to say that when considering the interior of a home with regard to pets we are thinking more about dogs, but we shouldn’t forget that cats have their own separate needs! Following are seven tips for a pet friendly home, so let’s get started.

Hard Floors for Easy Cleaning

When you take your cockapoo or another breed out for a walk it will undoubtedly find a muddy patch. This they take home on their paws and coat. Choose an entrance to use when you return home with your wet and dirty dog. Make sure this entrance has a floor of easy to clean hard vinyl, tiles, or laminate. That way, you can clean your dog’s paws there, and get rid of the muddy prints afterwards!

Think About Soft Furnishings

Designing a pet friendly home is about combining the practicalities for you and your pet. For example, you want a nice, soft, and luxurious sofa that you can relax in after a hard day at work. Your dog and cat will also appreciate this! You can train a dog not to get on the sofa – although there’s nothing better than having your canine best friend next to you when you watch a film – but cats are more independent. They also have sharp and destructive paws! Think about this when buying your furniture.

Define an Indoor Play Area

This one is short and simple: you can’t always go outside to play with your dog (or cat, if you have one that is so inclined) so you need to set aside a play area in the home. This can be a room or part of one where the dog’s toys are kept, and where it goes to play. This is a great way of ensuring the house is not littered with dog or cat toys.

If You Work from Home, its Always Bring Your Pet to WorkDay!

When at work keep your pet happy by ensuring it – or they – have a bed in your home office. They will happily curl up under the desk to be close to their human, and it’s a nice feeling to know you have a companion during office hours. A cat may also take up residence on your desk, so make sure you have plenty space!

Define a Feeding Area

For dogs, a defined feeding area where they know they can find their food and water at a given time is a must. Feeding can sometimes be a messy affair, and you don’t want dog food all over your living room carpet. For cats, the same applies, but ensure it is not close to the dog’s food area, or near the litter tray.

Easy Clean Walls in Feeding and Play Area

You may be surprised how much dirt can be spread by an enthusiastic wagging tail, so make sure that food, play, and entrance areas have wall coverings that are easy to clean. Vinyl is a good idea for this one, as it can easily be wiped down and is durable.

Install a Dog Wet Room!

This may seem like an expensive option but in fact it can be done quite cheaply. Owners of larger dogs especially give the dog its own entrance which leads directly into a dog wet room! This is basically a small space in which a shower has been installed, so the dog gets a bath when it comes home. Talk about pampering your pet!