• A Guide on Bathroom Partitions Basics

    For those marketable space owners looking to set up bathrooms that have several stalls, an essential basic that they and their associates should be familiar with is the national and local bathroom partitions codes. Space owners have to be well-versed with these compliances even before construction begins and before buying bathroom materials.

    Failing to comply with the bathroom partitions code can result in a construction of a restroom that does not meet several guidelines. And with this issue of not meeting national, state or local guidelines comes the delay of the entire project.

    Owners of commercial buildings must make sure that their project meets vital legal construction requirements. When it comes to bathroom partitions, here are some basics construction teams may want to review. This is to ensure that everything about their restrooms passes inspection and the specifications required. Meeting these standards is important.

    Dimensions of Bathroom Partitions

    Several particular know-hows need to be kept in mind with regards to basic bathroom partition dimensions and materials required for constructing a bathroom of commercial intent.A lot of things need to be weighed from ADA bathroom regulations to safety aspects to user considerations. It is rather important to note them including:

    1. How thick a bathroom partitions are, and
    2. Other supplies used for bathroom partitions

    The following details the impact of the thickness of chosen bathroom partitions and other important parameters for a toilet space.

    • How thick a bathrooms partitions should be

    As a whole, for standard bathroom setups, bathroom partition walls should be between ½ inch to 1 inch. In defining thickness, the major factor remains to be the type of material although it is not the only issue to ponder.

    The bathroom partitions thickness matters. Mainly because the strength and sense of durability of the partitions will make its users inside the building feel utmost comfortable and safe. It will then evoke their subconscious positive impressions of the whole commercial building. A bathroom renovation history and remodeling down the line also is an influence on the thickness of bathroom partitions as selected by the construction team. These are chief variables for businesses.

    • Other supplies used for bathroom partitions

    Here are some particulars on some prevalent materials for bathroom partitions and their elementary functions.

    • Solid plastic bathroom partitions – this material for bathroom partitions makes use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is commonly 1 inch thick.
    • Stainless steel bathroom partitions – these bathroom partitions area with a honeycomb core and steel panel walls which are an inch thick also.
    • Phenolic bathroom partitions – these partitions make use of fiber sheets that have been treated with resin and hardened and are typically ½ inch thick.
    • Laminated bathroom partitions – this partition has a particleboard core with a laminated shell; also, commonly an inch thick.
    • Power-coated steel bathroom partitions – finally, these types of bathroom partitions are made of 22-gauge galvanized steel that is then bonded to a cardboard core; With full inch thickness.
    • Other Dimensional Effects

    It is rather a challenge to find the right thickness of the bathroom partitions. Doing so will chiefly depend on the type of bathroom materials used as well as other parts of the bathroom partitions format. To consider one, bathroom partition pilaster can range from ¾ – 1¼ inch. The range will differ even further if the material to fasten the doors to bathroom partitions is well-thought-out. Building owners should choose suppliers that can support how bathroom partition measurements impact the rest of the setup.

    Pilaster Basics of Bathroom Partitions

    To reiterate, a key material for those trying to put up commercial bathroom partitions and stalls is the bathroom pilaster. Bathroom pilasters are used for bathroom partitions stability. They also ensure the right alignment and support of the structure. These bathroom pilasters also come in different material options to match or contrast bathroom partition materials and other basics.

    Bathroom partition pilasters are said to be more with an architectural aspect about them and are found in a lot of building types. But chiefly, it is a support element to a structure that somehow enhances the appearance of it as well. Its history has been often associated with wall extensions and other similar use.

    The pilaster has now been used in bathrooms and other setups where partitions are present.

    • Bathroom Pilaster Use – Bathroom pilasters of bathroom partitions line the floor to the door and panel tops. They provide stability on the bathroom partitions. Pilasters are often located on the sides of doors and their hinges to offer much-needed support. Bathroom partition pilasters in bathrooms can either be straddling on the floor or rail-braced. The option will largely vary depending on the bathroom partitions’ structural needs.
    • Bathroom Pilaster Materials

    Few materials make up most bathroom pilasters used in the market; namely:

    1. Solid plastic
    2. Powder-coated steel
    3. Phenolic material
    4. Plastic laminated
    5. Stainless Steel

    On Phenolic Bathroom Partitions

    As earlier mentioned, the type of material commercial building owners pick for bathroom partitions can significantly affect maintenance and the overall life span of the entire restroom area. It is rather a challenge to choose the right one as a lot of things compete for the construction team’s attention.

    Here are some considerations to help building teams and owners narrow down their choice of bathroom partitions. This section is focused on phenolic bathroom partitions to be more familiar with their properties and advantages for bathroom partitions.

    • Phenolic is durable

    Phenolic partitions are made to last as bathroom partitions. The phenolic resins that make up these bathroom partitions can endure adverse conditions as they pass industrial use. Phenolic material is also water-resistant. This material also resists many types of graffiti. All of these translates to an extended life span without the maintenance costs additions. Building owners can thereby save a lot on the repairs of bathroom partitions due to several factors with the phenolic’s durability.

    • Phenolic has high strength

    Apart from being water-resistant, phenolic bathroom partitions are also known to resist certain microorganisms making them the perfect choice for public restrooms. Phenolic material can also withstand a weight of up to 1,500 lbs. Building owners do not need to concern themselves so much about misuse or for these phenolic bathroom partitions breaking easily.

    • Phenolic is maintenance easy

    Phenolic bathroom partitions are one of the easiest materials to clean. Commercial building owners can reduce maintenance costs and staff hours spent having chosen a high-value material from the get-go.

    • Phenolic is stylish

    Phenolic bathroom partitions match any restroom layout and design. They have as many as a dozen styles and color options to choose from. Phenolic bathroom partitions are highly versatile in function to accommodate different business needs.

    Regardless of the bathroom partitions material chosen, the construction team should opt for suppliers that offer support from installation to its finishing touches.

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