• 7 Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Your Pop-Up Canopy Tent

    To begin with, a canopy tent is a portable gazebo, or let’s say a frame tent providing shelter to people, foodstuffs, your automobile or anything you think the sun is too hot for or you don’t want it rained on. Their sizes vary, and they range from 5’x5’ to around 20’x10’.

    Canopy tents are easy to transport because they are portable and foldable, and you can take them from one location to another at ease. They are commonly used for beach parties, sporting events, weddings and for your appetite, barbecues.

    If you’re looking for something more specific, you can also consider investing in a custom canopy, tailored to meet your exact needs and preferences. With a custom canopy, you can ensure that your shelter not only provides protection but also reflects your unique style and requirements.

    “Show me a perfect human being, and I’ll show you a living dinosaur.”

    Everyone makes mistakes, some intentionally while others happen as accidents. Well, people also make mistakes while setting up their pop up canopy tentsand sometimes their hard-earned bucks go down the drain. So, what are these mistakes that you need to avoid?

    1.Preparing Wrongly

    Most canopy tents are usually stored in a case to prevent damages and to facilitate easier transport. If you don’t take out the components in an appropriate way, you might damage them. You should begin by taking everything out and laying it at the sid Set the fabric roofe to make sure you have all of them. Set the fabric roof on the side and lay it flat to ensure that all wrinkles fall. The good thing about ensuring you have everything before setting up the tent is that you won’t have to miss one component in the middle of setting it up.

    2.Failing to Understand Whether it’s Waterproof or Water-resistant

    Some first-time canopy owners, don’t differentiate the terms “waterproof” and “water-resistant.” The truth is not all canopy models are reliably waterproof. Most of them can resist but not repel it. In fact, water pooling can stretch the material, damage it and also spoil the trusses and frame.

    3.Panicking When the Tent is Being Blown Away

    In general, the canopy tent can never be blown away but if the wind is too strong, you could fly your first un-manned aircraft. That is if you didn’t make the right decision in the first seconds when the wind came passing around. In such conditions, use weight at the legs to put the tent down.

    4.Not Using it Temporary

    Canopy tents are meant for temporary use only. So, don’t live yours out for a long time or you will have to spend more as each day passes by. Think about it, if no one is going to be under that canopy, why not just take it down?

    5.Ignoring the Fact That it Should be Cleaned

    Some people come up with their own theories and think they are right. In fact, they even infect others with ‘their truth.’ Most canopy tops are polyester made,and there is a misconception that they don’t need cleaning. Well, you should know that dampness and moisture can damage your canopy top.

    6.Building a Fire Within the Shelter Enclosure

    There are a thousand ways to kill your canopy tent and lighting a fire under is one of them. Unless you want to barbecue the tent, it’s not worth risking it. You also should consider your own safety.

    7.Be Aware it Pinches

    Always pray that you won’t be involved in an accident, even before setting up a canopy tent. They are notoriously known to pinch fingers and hands. You should just be aware it might happen, so keep the first-aid kit handy.

    Setting up a canopy tent is never a hard task unless it’s windy. By not making mistakes, you will take your canopy tent home smiling.

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