• 7 Tips to Properly Light Your Office

    There is no such thing as “the perfect office.” There is, however, such thing as having an office that’s lit well enough for your employees to perform their best every day. Here are several tips for properly lighting your office.

    1.Follow Regulations

    Did you know that there are regulations concerning the lighting of your workplace? It’s always wise to talk to a professional regarding these laws. Laws that you could potentially break if they aren’t up to regulation standard. Following these laws and regulations is the best thing you can do for your office.


    It is well known by now (by nearly everyone) that LED lights are significantly brighter and far less expensive than regular incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. While they may have been expensive in the past, they are far more affordable these days – considering they are brighter than regular bulbs in every single way.

    3.Remove Flickering Lights

    Flickering and buzzing lights are annoying and distracting. For anyone. It can even cause tremendous eye strain, as it forces our eyes to focus more. This puts undue weight on our eyes and causes headaches more frequently, affecting work quality. This problem can easily be solved by upgrading your lighting system to LED light fixtures. You can use the help of commercial lighting suppliers who will swap out all your fixtures with LED alternatives, which are more cost-effective and health efficient in the long run.

    4.Color Temperature

    Believe it or not, there’s a science behind or circadian rhythm (sleep clock). Notice how you get tired usually when there’s a low level of light (including screens)? Having low light levels and blue levels will instantly make employees and colleagues feel far more tired than they should be during working hours. This is why color temperatures (such as 5000k to 6000k) are perfect for maintaining the “feeling” of natural sunlight to prevent sleepiness.

    5.Take Care of Shadows

    Shadows have a tendency to pop up where you least expect them – and where you least want them. To prevent this, overhead lighting will reduce the shadowy spots that regular desk lamps and floor lamps can’t get rid of. At the same time, lighting that has the same hue, temperature and “feel” as all the other lighting feels very flat and uninspiring. Uniform lighting, as it’s called, is great for making offices feel predictable, boring and bland.


    Each department inside the office needs its own lighting system specific for that department’s function. This is why it’s necessary to have separate lighting systems within the office, instead of an open plan office with one overhead fluorescent lighting system.

    7.Use Natural Light

    By far, the best way to properly light your office is to use daylight. Not only because daylight is one of the brightest sources of light, and not only does it adequately fulfill our daily vitamin D requirements, but because it can increase office productivity and usefulness. Lighting offices naturally cuts down the use of electrical lighting, as well, which reduces your electric bill.


    Without an office space lit for concentration and productivity, your workers won’t feel like doing what they can to help your business thrive and succeed. Implementing these lighting tips can help you to inspire your workers. As we’ve just reviewed, these tips don’t take a lot of work to implement and can be easily done in a few days’ time.

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