6 Stylish & Functional Ways to Upgrade a Bathroom

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When you look around your bathroom, remodel ideas may come to mind. You don’t have to go all out when it comes to redesigning this intimate space. There are many small ways you can give this area a new look that will help you love your space even more. In this article, we are going to discuss some stylish and functional ways to upgrade bathroom.


New Light Fixtures

In some homes, the light fixtures may be a decade or older. Many home builders use lower-quality, builder’s grade fixtures to keep costs low. Because of this, the fixtures in your home may have an outdated and even lower-quality appearance. Replacing the fixtures with an upgraded and more current style can have a significant and positive effect on this space.


Replace the shower curtain or partition

You would be surprised to know that a new acrylic or glass door improves the entire look of your bathroom, and by extension, your entire house! Replacing an entire shower can be costly, but if you replace just the doors, it gives you a look of the new shower at a fraction of the price. One of the best domestic cleaning in Australia suggests to get clear glass door, a sliding door, a fixed door you attach to the top of the tub, or an entirely new acrylic shower stall. I have found that doing the measurements and shopping online is the cheapest and easiest way to do this, and it’s so easy to install it yourself.


Glass Shower Doors

In case you want to give this room a more luxurious, spa-like appeal, glass shower doors can give you the look you need. Simply have your shower or tub measured by a professional, and choose the style of glass you want. You can pick beveled, transparent, frosted, or patterned glass to install around the perimeter of your tub or shower. Once these doors are in place, you can quickly see how much larger and more expensive this bathroom remodel makes your space look.


Granite Counter Tops and Flooring

Perhaps the best bathroom upgrade you can entertain is replacing your floors and countertops with something decadent and long-lasting. Granite is a perfect option for this. Granite is known to last for many years and is a very durable substance. You can leave it unpolished and rugged, or have it sanded and polished for a shinier and mirror-like appearance. This type of natural material can stain, so you must be careful with it, but overall it is a great choice for giving this room a great makeover without having to do a lot of work.


Standing Sink

A standing sink is great if you don’t have a lot of space to move around. A sink like this takes very little space and doesn’t have a large vanity or cabinet underneath it that takes up a room. You may pick from many colors and styles, including black, plain white porcelain, and novelty colors. These installs come in square, round, oval, and even column shapes so you can match them with the rest of your decor. Install a mirror or vanity above this type of sink, and you can have a bathroom remodel that is a large change without ripping up walls, tearing out plumbing, or doing other major upgrades to open up space.


Upgrade Your Hardware

If you’ve ever remodeled a kitchen, you understand how simple changes to cabinet hardware could update the appearance of a room. This same concept can be applied to the bathroom. Changing out the existing towel racks, toilet paper holders, knobs, and the drawer pulls with the modern alternatives can inexpensively give you with a new bathroom.


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