5 Design Ideas For Your Modern Bathroom

5 Design Ideas For Your Modern Bathroom


In the modern design of homes, homeowners pay attention to the fittings, fixtures and arrangements that will beautify their bathrooms. Ranging from bathroom size to bathroom accessories, there are a number of things you should consider if you desire a marvelous layout for your bathroom.

Without doubts, the bathroom is an important component of a household and on any grounds, a modern bathroom is expected to have an excellent design that will appeal to the taste of its users. If you’re craving to give your bathroom a modern design, below are the 5 ideas to help you out.

Ensure There is Adequate Storage Space

While choosing a bathroom plan, consider the size you need for storage purposes. In most modern houses, bathrooms are designed with adequate capacity and spacious walls for fixing sideboards and shelves that could be used for storing various items including toiletries. Also, the walls of a typical modern bathroom should be spacious enough for fixing towel hangers and many other accessories.

Give Your Bathroom Suitable Painting and Décor

Most people prefer to adopt the same painting for the bathroom and the home. But the best option is to give your bathroom the painting that will prevent its walls from peeling. You can opt for paints with brighter colours especially for mini-sized bathrooms. Not only will this enhance the look of such bathrooms, it will also make them appear wider.

As regards giving your modern bathroom a lovely décor, you can furnish it with mirrors, wall art and various accessories including soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, towel hangers, etc.

Make Way for Sufficient Ventilation

Ventilation is just as important as the water system in a modern bathroom. If your bathroom design doesn’t allow for adequate ventilation, the bathroom walls are very likely to break into a sweat while you’re taking a shower. For sufficient ventilation, a modern bathroom should have well-sized windows. If natural air is not penetrating a bathroom properly, it’s possible that the windows (of the bathroom) are not properly sized.

For air to flow easily from a bathroom to other sections of the home, the bathroom can be equipped with a small exhaust fan. Also, floors and ceilings can be damaged by the humidity and moisture produced by the bathroom. To move humidity out of the bathroom regularly, the installation of a power ventilator is highly recommended.

Consider the Size of the Bathroom

To determine the best size for your bathroom, you’ve got to consider what the bathroom will be used for. The décor of your bathroom, as well as the number of fittings to be used, often depends on the purpose the bathroom will serve. Some of the popular sizes of modern bathrooms are Full, Master and Luxury. If you’re opting for any of these bathroom sizes, you can add fixtures like showers, sinks, exercise equipment, tub and toilet. Whichever way you have chosen to design your modern bathroom, ensure it is spacious enough for the fitting of walk-in showers.

Allow Natural Lighting into Your Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are often designed with artificial lighting to brighten them up. But to maintain the pleasant smell of your bathroom, you need to ensure sufficient lighting is penetrating it from the natural environment. You can do this by simply equipping the bathroom with a transparent roof that will make way for the reflection of sunlight.

If the roof of your bathroom wall or window permits the penetration of sunlight, your bathroom will likely produce a soothing feel that combines artificial light with natural illumination. During the day, sunlight will fortify the décor of your bathroom and illuminate its space.


A modern interior designer knows exactly what is necessary to make a bathroom look gorgeous. If you are not an expert or professional interior designer, you should consider not doing the interior of your bathrooms yourself. If you are from Plam Springs of Los Angeles, you should consider hiring one of the interior design firms Palm Springs to do the job for you.

Professional designers know unique and creative ways to make interiors look exquisite. And most of the time, you save big money by hiring interior designers than doing it yourself.

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