6 Luxury Garden Design Ideas

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Regardless of its size or your location, your garden can be anything that you want it to be. And, if you are craving that touch of luxury, a haven where you can escape from the stresses of the day and relax, then these luxury garden ideas should help you to achieve that. 

Clean lines

Whilst many people think of gardens in their more organic form, with flowers bought in florists like calgary florist se tumbling out of flower beds, lawns that are less than perfect and overhanging branches from next doors trees, there is something appealing and inherently luxurious about having clean lines in your garden. A perfectly laid patio for example, or classic decking area is a great place to start and can provide you with a starting point for the rest of the garden. According to Craftsmanprotools, edging your garden will help keep it looking crisp, neat and clean.

The right seating

Of course, if you have a flat space in your garden suitable for seating, such as a patio or decking area then it is important to select the right kind of furniture. For that luxury touch look for sumptuous outdoor sofas with plenty of space and seating cushions or an impressive dining table, matching chairs and perhaps a large parasol. The Lazy Susan outdoor garden furniture range offers some truly spectacular seating options that can accommodate up to 10 or more guests. 


If you want to continue the clean lines of your garden further, seating area containers are a great way of doing this. Opt for good quality sturdy containers and think carefully about the type of plants that you want to put in them. Ornamental grasses and box shrubs offer great colour and texture in a luxury garden and tend not to need too much attention. Look for different colours and varieties of foliage to create a green oasis. 

Colour scheme

Riots of colourful flowers can look spectacular in the garden but as the saying goes, less is more. Select one colour and try and stick to it where possible. Both white and grey are incredibly in vogue at the moment as garden colours. Select key pieces that will make a big impact. Mix a range of white flowers into your flower beds with different foliage textures, white planters and of course sophisticated white outdoor furniture. Whilst there are not really any grey flowers consider pale purples and plants with silvery green foliage, grey containers and accessories. This type of look for your garden, done right the results can be thoroughly modern. 

The right lighting

Having the right lighting in your home is very important and it is no different when it comes to the garden. Too much light can be harsh and unflattering, too little and you could risk losing your footing. There are so fantastic garden lighting options out there so shop around and see what would work for your garden – remember you don’t have to light up everything. Lighting for any seating or dining area is a must and then a few strategic lights placed at key points in the garden will offer a much more subtle light for your garden. 


Planting is really important in any garden but if you want your garden to look luxurious then there are a couple of options to consider. Do you want a minimalistic look or something that looks full of plants and well established? With the former you want to select statement plants that are able to hold their own and create a dramatic effect. With the latter, look for more mature plants that can be planted closer together to offer you a luxury look much quicker. Opting for hints of colour in key locations rather than a mismatch of random colours everywhere will help to add to the luxury look. 

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