• Garden Maintenance Tips: How To Make Your Landscaped Garden Look Good All Year Round 

    Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a refreshing view of a lush landscaped garden. It will inspire you to have a better perspective for the day. Studies also claim that having flowers all over the house can improve your mood and reduce the risks of having stress-related depression. Keeping a garden can also help in enhancing your physical health. But if you want to build a garden at home, you need to know all the basics of landscape maintenance to make sure that the plants in your backyard will continue to thrive. 

    To help you take care of your garden all year round, here are several landscape maintenance tips for every season. 

    But like most Grounds Maintenance Coventry jobs, your task will become more comfortable if you have adequate preparation.

    Landscape Maintenance In Spring 

    One of the best times to take care of your garden is during the spring. The weather is perfect for staying outdoors and tending to your plants. But like most maintenance jobs, your task will become more comfortable if you have adequate preparation. 

    First, you need to make sure that the blades of your lawnmower are sharp. If you use a dull set of blades, you will only tear the grass and discolour the lawn. Since the grass usually grows faster in spring, you must schedule your first cutting session at the start of the season. However, as a part of landscape maintenance, you need to avoid mowing the lawn while it is still wet so it will not clog the mower. You can also start fertilising your plants during this season so it will grow healthier when summer comes.   

    Landscape Maintenance In Summer

    When the weather gets warmer, the risk of getting grub worms will increase. The larvae of Japanese beetles and other insects will begin to eat the tender roots of the plants in the garden. As a result, the plants will turn brown and have wilted patches. 

    As a good landscape maintenance measure, you can use a milky spore solution to take care of your grub problems. You need to follow all the label instructions carefully when using insecticides in your lawn. You must also remove all the pesky weeds that tend to grow during the warm summer months to keep the beauty of your landscaped garden. 

    Landscape Maintenance In Fall

    Once the hot, dry days of summer are over, you can begin to patch the bare spots. You can do this by getting rid of all the dead grass and separating the soil using a garden trowel. Then put at least one inch of compost on top and mix it with the ground. Once done, you can start adding grass seed in the areas where the grass is already dead. You may also begin planting new plants around this time to replace the ones that dried up during the hot season. Just make sure to follow the layout of your original landscape to keep the design.  

    You also need to fertilise the soil in your entire garden during this season. By this time, your grass can store the nutrients from the fertilisers in the roots of the grass while the soil becomes dormant during the cold winter season. When the snow melts at the beginning of spring, the ground will become ready again to produce beautiful flowers and lush plants once again. 

    Taking care of your landscaped garden requires a lot of work. But if you know what to do with that patch of land in your property all year round, you can get an assurance that your garden will remain well maintained all the time. You may also ask a professional landscape artist to assist you in keeping your garden looking plush and succulent for the rest of the year. 

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