Popular Home Architecture Styles And How to Achieve Them

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In the world of home decor and architectural design, there are emerging patterns and home designs that are becoming increasingly popular.

Trends have re-turned to rich historical architecture and old homes to imagine new designs. If you are in the market for renovating an older home or searching for land to build your new home, there are many choices you need to make.

Read on for more information about the types of popular architecture and the methods you will need to achieve each one.

Modern American Farmhouse

A farmhouse design is trendy, as it combines modern technology and elements with older countryside accents. A classic American farmhouse features elements such as Michigan metal roofing, a mix of wood and stone, and large plantation shutters on the windows. 

The metal roof on a farmhouse is reminiscent of old-time barns and ranch homes. The plantation shutters add open space and the illusion of added height to a home. 

Additionally, using shiplap paneling on the exterior with the metal roof will complete the farmhouse appearance and create the illusion of the home being a hand-built structure. 

Modern Architecture 

Modern-style architectural homes use geometric designs to create a futuristic appearance to a home. The most significant and most noticeable feature of modern architecture is a flat roof. Occasionally, modern homes will incorporate a sloped roof in one part of the home and continue the flat roof throughout the rest of the home. 

The second most significant aspect of modern architecture are expansive windows and an emphasis on natural lighting. Most homes will have entire walls of glass windows. This opens the space and reinforces the geometric and futuristic appeal of these homes. 

Greek Revival Architecture

Architectural design was one of ancient Greece’s most famous contributions to the world. The features of Classical Greco-Roman architecture included circular columns and roofs with high peaks, like the well-known Pantheon. 

Many significant buildings today have this style, including the White House in the United States. Classic southern plantation homes with wrap-around porches also harken to Greek-style architecture. 

To achieve this style of home, you will need to ensure that your home has a high peaked roof and steeply sloping sides to the roof. Any roof material will work. Also, a sizeable outdoor entryway or porch with columns stretching to meet the roof will complete the look. 

Italianate Style 

This classic home architecture style is a beautiful combination of Greek and modern features. A classic Italianate home will feature highly geometric shapes with 90-degree angles between walls. Making use of large arches is also a significant part of achieving Italianate architecture. 

Most homes of this style will have a flat-topped roof or a slightly sloped roof and a low peak. 

Italianate homes will also feature overhangs that provide a shaded porch, with Greek columns supporting it. Rows of windows placed symmetrically along the front of the home are very iconic in this type of architecture. 


Building new homes and renovating older ones is an excellent opportunity for your creativity to shine! 

Classic farmhouses will feature metal roofs, high peaks, plantation shutters, and sometimes even a shiplap exterior. Modern-style homes will have a boxy and geometric appearance with large panoramic windows. 

Greek revival homes will need to have high peaked roofs and iconic columns in the front supporting a wraparound porch. 

Finally, Italianate homes will combine the best of modern and Greek homes by adding a geometric and boxy design with a beautiful porch and columns. 

You can use this guide to pick your favorite design and use the tips provided to achieve the look you prefer!

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