6 Ideal Tips to Renovate Your House for Added Value

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Selling your apartment may not be always easy. But, getting a good price for it is much trickier. However, with careful renovation, you can make it go well, but you must know what to work on, how much to work, and when to stop.

Make sure to solve the primary issues at least. Consider these aspects written below for your help:


1. Fix What Must Be Fixed


If you bought an apartment with an issue, or some problem appeared later due to continues ignorance, if it’s a major one, you must fix it first. Because, what is troubling you, will possibly trouble others too!

Staying in a less artistic or simple home is fine, if it lacks in functioning, like, a damp wall, leaking roof, weak windows, problematic air conditioning, or unsafe wiring system, I wonder if you would get someone to buy it, let alone with a good price!

In case of the absence of basic insulation, update it with energy efficiency in mind. This will not only be environment-friendly but will also lower the living and maintenance cost for your buyer.

Now, if you are thinking of fixing it at the end of your work, that won’t be a good idea either. You must finish doing your primary work and make the place at least livable before making a further move.


2.   Remodel Your Kitchen Neatly

A good kitchen tones down many of the faults of your home. This is the place that is mostly used by all of the family members. They cook, eat and chit-chat there together. Thus, eventually, this becomes the heart of the home.

So, keeping it healthy, comfy, and functioning as possible should be your motto. For this-

a. Design your kitchen Island in the perfect size and shape considering the space.

b. Maintain all the electrical cords to ensure convenience and safety.

c. Install your kitchen cabinet smartly. Observe the space first, then start working accordingly.

d. Show some intelligence while choosing your floor; it should look good and add ease to your work at the same time.

e. Lighting is a very important aspect of a kitchen. Make sure it always looks bright.

f. Create a very thoughtful and purposeful layout for your kitchen; make sure to take care of every element of your kitchen when you design in detail.

g. If you are thinking of painting your kitchen for a cheaper option, then it would be better to use low-VOC paints. These are rather eco-friendly paints; hence, you can expect your kids to inhale comfortably, without getting affected by harmful chemicals that regular paints contain.

h. Go for energy-efficient appliances; they will not only give your buyers a sense of saving money, but they are also good for the environment.


3. Ensure A Perfect Bathroom Renovation

These are the most private places of your home; a place where you start your day and finish it, and spend lots of time alone doing perhaps the most critical thinking!

That’s why, besides the kitchen, bathrooms are the most significant areas, where you can’t afford to go wrong with your renovation.

Do a bit of research online to get ideas that you should incorporate while designing your bathroom. Also, see if you can manage extra space. Find out if any area has been left unutilized.

You will need at least 30 to 35 square feet of space for a full bathroom, depending on your preference of shower or bathtub. But if space is tiny, at least having a powder room will add better value.


4. Make Room for an Extra Bedroom

This will make the value of your house go high! Although, adding some extra square feet for a room will not be a good idea since it can eat up your budget unthinkably. However, you can still make it happen by turning your attic or basement into a bedroom.

The triangular shape of the attic already looks very stylish and many boutique hotels beautifully use them to provide space for an extra room. Get ideas going through some of their pictures and come up with something easy, yet fancy to make it lucrative enough to your potential client.

Basements are great as an extra bedroom. Your buyer can use it as a children’s playroom, or a study. Being creative is something that’s really going to help you figure out effective features that can be used as a value-added part of your home.


5. A match-up with Your Neighborhoods

The kind of buyer that will be interested in your home greatly depends on your neighborhoods. Go to your neighbors and find out what your place lacks compared to theirs.

Also, try to understand their lifestyle and preferences; then design your place accordingly, keeping their like-minded characters in mind.   


6. A Few More Helpful Tips

a. Don’t overdo it. Don’t spend a lot on fancy decorating. Don’t try to blend much of your signature taste into the decoration if you intend to sell it to others.

b. Take time to learn about the place, and then plan well before you start decorating.

c. Buy quality materials. If you need someone to decorate your home for you, look for some top renovation contractor for long-lasting and satisfying results. Don’t call them halfway and don’t just go for the cheapest bid.

d. No matter what your estimated budget comes down to, always add 20% of your total cost to it for possible extra expenditure. By doing this, you can be saved from having further economic complications.    



We all want our plan to go incredibly well and be perfectly implemented with an outstanding outcome. However, we should also keep in mind that everything may not go according to your plan.

Just keep on working consistently with an open mind, maintaining your deadline as much as possible to achieve an absolutely great renovation of your house that will ensure added value to that place, and benefit both you and your buyer.


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