Can I hire a Facade Engineer to remodel my house?

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The façade is the outer part of your home. The façade engineer will offer a variety of suggestions on how to clad your home using curtain walls with almost any material you can think of.

A façade engineer deals with assessing the current condition of the outside of your home. They will note environmental issues, aesthetic intents, and any structural problems. But, their scope is the outside of your home, not the inside.

But, remodeling your home is not just about changing the interior, you can also extend your home, this is a structural issue and the façade engineer can help you.

How The Façade Engineer Helps

If you have any issue that may affect the structural integrity of your home then the façade engineering is trained to spot the potential issue, evaluate the risk, and then propose a solution.

This means they are not going to redesign your home for you. But, they can look at your plans and assess whether they are realistic and safe.

This means if your funds are low you can actually design your house remodeling yourself. But, before you do any work you can consult the façade engineer to confirm the structural integrity of your home.

It’s important to note that the façade engineer will not deal with removing walls inside your home, their specialty is encompassing your building properly to ensure the façade lasts, is safe, environmentally sound, and effective.

Of course, once you’ve started remodeling the inside you’re going to want to speak to a façade engineer in order to get the best possible finish on your redesigned home.

Façade is very easy to fit, but, it is also very effective at insulating and protecting your building. Done properly it can actually reduce your energy bills, making it a good long-term investment.

In fact, it’s worth talking to a façade engineer before you start your interior remodel. You’ll be able to choose your preferred outside façade and make sure the same theme is carried through into the inside of your home.

Remodeling The Inside

If you can afford it the best way forward is to have an architect, especially if you’re planning on removing walls. They can do the necessary structural calculations and speak to engineers if necessary. They can also help you to deal with the planning issues.

But, when they come to the outside of your home it is essential that they speak to a façade engineer. This is a niche industry and façade engineers are specially trained to understand the stresses placed on the outside of the building and the best method of strengthening a home.

As an added bonus you’ll be amazed by the choices of façade on offer, you don’t need to keep your home looking like your neighbors! In fact, if you never invite people into your home you can create the illusion of a grand home just by doing the façade, without even touching the inside of your home.

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