5 Tips to Updating Your Interior Doors

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Mostly, homeowners leave interior doors as they are especially if they bought an already built home. However, after some time, the doors may need updating because of scrapes and scratches. It is also good to have your interior doors complement your décor and to enliven your home, which may require you to update them.

The tips below will help you if you intend to update your interior doors.

  1. Consider the décor

Your home décor should determine how you update your interior doors. Remember that doors, just like furniture, should define the function, atmosphere and the style of a room. That is why you should not only update the door anyhow, but you should choose carefully the design that helps you to define your space based on your style and taste.

  1. Paint

The easiest way to update your interior doors is to paint them. If the scratches are not that elaborate, painting can help to bring new life to the doors. You don’t have to paint the same shade. Go for a colour that will match with your interior design. For instance, oak and walnut would look great in your traditional styled room. For contemporary home, go for grey.

For the best results, remove the door from the hinges and lay it across a pair of sawhorses. Paint it on one side. Once dry, turn it and paint it on the other side. Apply multiple coats for excellent results and to hide any cracks.

  1. Change or update the hardware

It could be that all that your door needs is a change or update of hardware. Old hinges and latches can make a good door seem out of place especially if it is not closing properly. A visit to your local store for new hinges and doorknobs can help to solve the problem. Just make sure you carry with you the old hardware for comparison on colour and size.

Make sure the new handle is of the right size so that it can fit in the hole. If the handle is too large, then you will have to drill a bigger hole. If the handle is too small, you may have to get another door.

In some cases, you may not need to purchase new hardware if it is not worn out. Just update the hardware using a fresh coat of metallic paint, and it will look as good as new.

  1. Replace the door

Yes, you may have to do the door replacement if it is too damaged or you want a total change in the design to match your décor. If you are confident, you can DIY. However, it is better to have a professional contractor do the work especially if you are replacing more than one interior door.

Pay close attention to ensure that the replacement doors match your décor. Look for interior doors that bring more personality, innovative tones, and textures to your interior spaces. They should fit your décor whether it is contemporary, natural, classic or exotic. These modern interior doors uk will meet your need to enliven your home and make it interesting.

  1. Assess the cost

Make sure you are within budget when updating your interior doors. If you are working on a tight budget, you can opt for options such as replacing or painting the hardware and giving the door a fresh coat of paint.

If your budget allows, then replace the doors with new ones that meet your design needs.

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