• The Impact Architecture Can Have On Your Mood

    Good architecture does a lot more than just make a space look pretty. The architecture around you can actually have an impact – positive or negative – on your mood. Ready to learn about the important relationship between your surroundings and your feelings? Simply read on.

    In modern America, roughly four percent of all adults are struggling with depression. While there are a vast number of influences that can affect your mood, many of them are environmental factors that have nothing to do with you as a person. Your mood can be altered, sometimes quite powerfully, by factors you’ve never even thought about.

    A well-designed building might look beautiful inside and out. If living in it is uncomfortable, though – if it’s stuffy, cramped, dimly-lit, or hot – it’s not going to be an enjoyable place for you to stay.

    The overwhelming majority of us live most of our lives (three-quarters of them or even more) indoors.

    The interior architecture of the buildings around us, and the influence they can have on us, is every bit as worthy of consideration as the more structural considerations of strength and safety.


    Natural Light

    In the design of any space, public or private, natural lighting deserves strong consideration.

    Larger windows let more sunlight into a building during the daytime. The views into and out of the building are also appreciated by occupants and passersby.

    The physical and mental benefits of natural light have been conclusively established by scientists and doctors. Getting patients access to natural light is an important part of treating many conditions. There’s even evidence showing that students who study in natural light do better on tests.

    Natural sunlight is great for your mood because it helps with the regulation of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is particularly important because it influences our cycle of wakefulness and sleepiness. Without a healthy balance of melatonin, we struggle to get the sleep we need to keep us healthy.

    Natural light boosts another useful hormone, serotonin. Serotonin is essential in regulating our mood, and getting enough of it can help combat depression.

    How does this all tie back to architecture? We can make a home (or other space) more comfortable and healthier by including plenty of spacious, easily-openable windows in our designs. It’s also a good idea to skip the curtains in rooms where privacy is not a high priority. So, when you hit your Bensons for Beds mattress you can be guaranteed for better sleep.


    The Aesthetic Impact Of Architecture

    Have you ever experienced a boost in your mood that comes from taking a trip to a museum or listening to beautiful music? Good architecture can have the same sort of uplifting effect according to therapists.

    Architects who can incorporate creativity and beauty without compromising functionality or safety can work wonders for the people who use their buildings.

    Is your neighborhood packed with similar, forgettable buildings? What about the ones that stand out? The ones that stick in your mind aren’t just memorable. They can also lift your spirits. Buildings that become a crucial part of the landscape you consider “home” can have a soothing effect as soon as you see them.


    Quiet Spaces In Architecture

    In most public or commercial buildings, the natural urge is to fill up every square foot with active space. But today’s designers have come to recognize that people appreciate the chance to find a quiet, peaceful spot in the buildings where they work or shop.

    More and more architects and other designers are creating expressly-built quiet zones in multi-function buildings.

    The best quiet zones are not just randomly designated. Good designers include plenty of features that enhance the calming mood of the space. Examples include soft lighting, arched ceilings, and open-air spaces.


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