3 Modern Office Interior Design Trends of 2019

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Office interior design trends have evolved over the past few years, and even the popular open office spaces are changing. The design of an office in a way impacts productivity of the employees and it is up to the employer to ensure that this space is designed to produce a conducive environment that will encourage productivity. There have been different trends and even more trends are born every day. Before choosing any office interior design ideas, first understand the nature of your work and strive to offer the perfect environment for your workers. That said, below are 3 trends of 2019 worth considering;

Branded workplace

A branded workplace is a perfect office interior design trend to help tell a story. Company owners can use this design to communicate and share their story with other employees and the community at large. Through sharing a story, these audiences get inspired. The premises could, for instance, represent the company’s core principles or even tell a story of its humble beginnings. Simple things like color palettes among other interior decorative elements can be used to express this story.

Collaborative meeting spaces

This kind of space is hard to ignore especially because a lot of employees prefer spending time in meeting spaces that allow them to brainstorm and learn together while promoting a strong culture. It is mostly inspired by millennials and while it doesn’t necessarily has to be enclosed with glass walls and doors, there are many modern designs. There are multiple approaches to creating these kind of spaces and even without the slightest idea of what you need, you can check out Melbourne office fitouts. Most of these office fitout companies do all the hard work for you, from narrowing down designs for you to choose to installing everything, so you don’t have to worry about how to go modern with your space.

Biophilic design

Derived from ‘biophilia’ this design boils down to having a touch of nature. It includes mostly elements found in nature and is the perfect design for anyone who loves nature and life generally. Your office will basically have a nature-inspired vibe and the outlook will be made up of components and patterns which add to that feel. More glass walls can be used, natural colors can be added to the decor or plants can be added to the office space. All of these are ways to connect to the outside world and nature in particular. Also, this kind of space can be used if the office is located in a place where disconnect with nature is felt.

Bottom line

Office space designs can be different, and whether you want more private-inspired places or even flexible spaces, there are different ways of incorporating these spaces. The interior design trends above are some of the most popular designs, and a lot of company owners are incorporating these into their premises. All you need to do is to find a good fitout company and let them do all the work for you.


2 thoughts on “3 Modern Office Interior Design Trends of 2019

  • We recently opened a new business unit of ours are looking to giving a modern look to our office with some fresh interior design trends. I will be sharing this article with my cofounders and I am sure they will definitely like these ideas.

  • 3 big trends which are heading into 2020 too. I think the Biophilic design is great as you get to add natural lighting, planets and bring nature to the inside as well as being aware of the benefits to your well being.

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