5 Tips For Installing A French Drain

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Drainage issues are common for pieces of land located at the bottom of a large slope. So, if you have drainage issues in your garden or yard, you can solve them by installing a French drain.  Look at the type of soil you have. If it is dense and drain poorly, you are likely to end up with more drainage issues. It can make the yard unusable throughout the year. Luckily, if you install a French drain, you will have the problem solved once and for all. The trouble is that most people find it difficult to install a working French drainage. Even those who have expertise in this area end up having a clocked one. Here are tips to help you install a working French drain.

  1. Use the Modern French Drain

The historical French drain entailed digging a trench and filling it with gravel. It allowed water to run down the slope. This type of drain had a lot of issues.  It collected silt and made it difficult for water to move downslope. But the modern French drain utilizes a corrugated drainage pipe. The pipe is laid in a slanting trench. It is surrounded by landscape fabric and gravel. When it is installed deep enough, it guarantees effective drainage. Let the drain run around the house to intercept water before it gets into the basement.

Whenever you need to use gravel or landscaping fabric for any type of building, consider using a gravel calculator, which will show you the amount of gravel needed to complete the earthwork by weight and volume. It will also tell you how many rocks, stones, gravel you want to fill. In addition, the online gravel cost calculator provides comprehensive information about the cost of gravel materials. Therefore, if you want to use gravel materials to enhance the beauty of the surface, then you should use an online gravel calculator that uses accurate measurements of the material of your choice.
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  1. The Location Should Be Far Away From Obstructions

When you decide to install the French drain, it is important to ensure that it is away from obstructions. Check and ensure that there is no utility line where you plan to dig the drain. The best thing you can do is to contact the utility company. Let them help you identify areas where utility pipes run. Dig a trench that is between 8 -12 inches wide. If it is wide enough and away from obstructions, it will collect and transport more water.

  1. Rent the Trenching Tool

Before you carry out french drain installation, you must dig a sizeable trench. You can choose to dig it using shovels or any other tool you own. But it will take long before you get the trench you want. However, you can have this job done in less than an hour if you rent a trenching tool. The tool will help you to get the right depth and the appropriate width.

  1. The Slope Should Be More Than 1%

Ensure that for every 100 feet of trench, the slope is 1 foot. Once you have the trench ready, lay the fabric but ensure that you run the excess fabric on either side of the trench. This way you will keep the roots and silt away from the system. It helps to reduce clogging.

  1. Laying the Drainage Pipe

Before you lay the drainage pipe, place enough gravel in the trench. The gravel should cover about 2 inches. But check and ensure that the perforated holes are facing down. Once you are satisfied with the job done, cover the top part of the pipe with gravel. The gravel surrounding the pipe should be about 2 inches.

There are many other tips that you can rely on to install a French drain.  But the slope and the dimension of the drain are important. Use a wider pipe and ensure that the perforations are facing down to reduce clogging.

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  • Thank you for your tip about where a french drain should be landscaped to make sure it’s effective. Getting it far away from our actual flower garden definitely sounds like a good idea so nothing gets in the way and everything works the way it’s supposed to. I’ll go and hire a french drain installation service to make sure we can put these tips to proper use.

  • My mother would like to have her garden fixed and improved by a landscape service. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance eof preventive maintenance. I also agree with you that clogs must be addressed by a trenching tool.

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