• 4 Tips to Maintaining an Inflatable Spa

    Inflatable spas have become popular over the past few years. It is a convenient and simple approach to enjoy a relaxing deep pool of water without visiting a spa. The main feature is simplicity which translates to the ease in setting up, using it and maintaining it. Most manufacturers will provide a guide on how to use and maintain the inflatable spa based on how best they understand the product. However, if you fail to understand the manual on the maintenance bit, here are a few tips:

    1)         Get A Quality Inflatable Spa

    Nowadays, shopping has been made easy via the internet. A portable spa has variations, depending on the manufacturer. Online product reviews and customer testimonials provide a good starting point for customers. They provide information on features and any shortcomings. It is advisable to get an inflatable spa whose features are easy to clean and maintain. Be keen when checking the features and effectiveness before purchase to avoid any frustrations while maintaining it.

    2)         Changing The Water Often

    Emptying your inflatable spa often will make cleaning easy. You do not need to keep it filled on a regular basis. However, if you opt to use it on a regular basis ensure that you empty it weekly. The different chemical levels adjustment is essential to maintain a clean inflatable spa. It is advisable to adjust the chemicals constantly as per the manufacturer’s manual. The chemical adjustments reduce the accumulation of dissolved solids.

    3)         Cleaning Or Changing The Filter Regularly

    Every inflatable spa or tub comes with a filter. It is placed on the outer side of the tub alongside the heating unit or near the ground. You can check the manual to locate the filter. The cleaning procedure of these filters may vary depending with the manufacturer. Therefore, ensure that you consult with the manual. It is advisable to remove, clean or change the filter at least once a week.

    You can use a paper towel to wipe off any debris by holding the filter under a running tap. The debris is often grass clippings or leaves for these spa tubs because they clog easily than the permanent ones. Frequent cleaning of the filter ensures that the spa is in good working condition. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. Use a little soap on the towel to clean the services. Ensure that you rinse the tub until there are no soapy bubbles visible.

    4)         Filling Up Your Tub Precautions

    It is advisable to ensure that the thermostat and hot tub breaker are off when you are filling it. This guarantees your safety and avoids any damages to the tub. Some people prefer filling when the hose is on. Monitor the filling process and check for any leaks. In case of any leaks, turn off the water as the pressure will only increase the leaking.

    You should also turn off the hose when the water level rises above the filter. Once you are done with the filling, turn on the pump at its highest speed and flip the breaker to check for jets. Loosening the screw on the connector helps when the jet does not have any air. After all is confirmed to be okay, heat the water.

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