5 Simple Shower Improvements to Upgrade Your Home

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Bathroom and shower upgrades don’t have to break the bank. With the present day’s range of materials and designs, some simple upgrades can already change the mood and functionality of the bathroom.

Improve Visual Impact and Safety with Small Floor Tiles

Large floor tiles have always been the top choice for bathroom floors until small, modern floor tiles made a name as a more practical choice for showers. Small floor tiles are less slippery when they’re wet, which means they are safer to use than large tiles.

When it comes to maintenance, cleaning small tiles is just the same as cleaning large tiles. You can use high-performance tile grout that is mold-resistant to make cleaning your bathroom easier.

Additionally, porcelain and ceramic tiles now come in an array of designs, textures, and colors. Mix-matching your floor tiles will improve visual impact and make the area stand out even more.

Install Larger Windows for Natural Light

For privacy reasons, most showers and bathrooms don’t have many windows. As a result, there is limited access to natural light and in many cases, ventilation is not as efficient as we’d want.

Installing new windows is a way to improve the energy-efficiency and mood of the bathroom. Allowing natural light to come in reduces the need for artificial light. At the same time, larger windows allow air to circulate properly. It is one of the best natural ways to avoid mold growth in the bathroom.

You can use frosted glass for windows to get enough privacy. New windows may require hiring professional installers, though.

Save on Space with Recessed Cabinets and Shelves

If you’re considering adding additional space for storage, then go for a recessed version instead of the traditional design. Recessed cabinets and shelves are real space-savers. Their sleek look also improves the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Adding a cabinet or two in the vanity area or beside the sink will give you additional space for storing small stuff, without the worries of bumping with embossed cabinets. Adding a recessed cabinet does not cost a lot. There are many affordable choices for wood framing.

Create a Sleek, Elegant Look with Invisible Tank Toilet

Perhaps it’s time to transform your old toilet into a modern, invisible tank toilet. If you think only cabinets and shelves can be hidden beneath the walls, then why not give this idea a try.

Invest in a water-efficient toilet system but remember to be more creative with the installation. Make the tank invisible by installing it underneath the wall and leaving only the flush sensor or button exposed.

While this is undeniably a good addition to any contemporary bathroom, you must also consider repairs and maintenance. It may be difficult to do fixes with a hidden toilet tank. So prior to installation, make sure to invest in a high-quality toilet. It’s also wiser to hire a plumber for this task.

Replace Old Light Fixtures to Match the Mood

There might be no need for too much artificial light during the day when you’ve got new windows installed. However, they would be useless when night time comes. Install a light fixture that you can adjust to a dimmer or brighter setting to easily match a mood.

If you love warm baths, then you would probably agree with the mood-enhancing effects of dim light. When you need to have reliable lighting as you put on your makeup, then you would appreciate as well how you can easily adjust your lights to a brighter setting.

Alternatively, you can create a design plan for your light fixtures. Know the areas that need powerful lighting as well as those dull spots that you need to accentuate.


Remodeling the bathroom does not mean renovating it entirely. You can upgrade certain parts of the bathroom and make a huge difference in aesthetic and functionality. Some simple and inexpensive shower improvements can already upgrade your home.