Should I Get My AC Prepped Before Switching It Off For Winter?

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Reasons to get your AC serviced before winter. Preventive measures to take before turning off AC for the winter. Get your AC serviced before winter.

Like any other electric device, the AC will likely start having problems if it has not been used for a while. Hence, some people take the initiative to get their AC serviced before turning it off for long periods in winter.

Despite not running in winter, your AC will still be susceptible to wear and tear throughout the entire season. It is advisable to get your AC unit checked, cleaned, and prepared during fall or winter.

Utilize the time you get in winter on preparing your cooling system so that it is ready to be used when summer comes.

Benefits of Servicing Your AC In Winter

The following benefits outweigh the hassle of constantly fixing your air conditioner and buying a new one. The advantages are easily accessible when you get your AC serviced early in the fall.

1. Avoiding AC repair

While checking the whole cooling system, any potential issues can be resolved when encountered. This will save time, energy, and costs. Prior maintenance of your AC will save you the trouble of getting flustered over an emergency at the lase moment.

2.Simpler restoration

It is easier to come across any necessary repairs during servicing and not taken by surprise. Since being aware of it beforehand will give you enough time to get a chance to properly deal with it.

You will be able to schedule at your comfort instead of being in haste and getting unnerved. Getting hold of any repair ahead of time will also prevent any further damage, saving your air conditioner.

3.Enhances energy efficiency

When your air conditioner is cleaned and well maintained, it decreases the load on the machinery and saves energy. Thus, improving its efficiency.

4. Extends longevity

Prior checkup decreases the rate of depletion of your air conditioner that occurs normally over time. It reduces the likeliness of breakdowns, hence it will require you to repair less often.

In essence, it will reduce the intensity and need for repair jobs in the long run. The longer life span of your AC gives an assurance that you do not need to spend more money on buying a new AC or frequent repair jobs.

5. Reduces electricity bills

It is no secret that air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and consequently, hikes up your electricity bill.

Servicing your cooling system in advance will ensure its efficiency, meaning it will use less energy. Consumption of less energy leads to lower electric utility bills.

What You Can Do to Take Care of Your AC Before Winter

1. Inspect your AC’s outdoor unit

You can start by inspecting your AC’s outdoor unit. Look for the collection of any dirt, insects, and other forms of debris.

If you encounter any build-up of debris on the air conditioner’s compressor unit, clean it up. You can also cover the exposed unit to prevent any accumulation of dust and detritus on the coils.

2. Check the ducts

Examine the ducts of your air conditioner and look for any cracks or problematic spots. Seal the ducts by yourself or reach out to any AC repairing service

3. Turn the power off

There might be a chance that your AC might switch itself back on. If that happens, the water collected in the condensing unit will freeze when the temperature dips again.

The frozen water would cause further damage and will destroy the  AC wiring. Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry. Turn off the switch of your air conditioner manually, just in case.

4. Clean the surrounding of your AC’s outdoor unit

If trees are surrounding your air conditioner’s compressor unit, trim them. When the trees are trimmed, the repairmen or you will be able to access the AC easily. It will also prevent the gathering of dead leaves, twigs, and other detritus.

5. Clean the vents

It is advisable to clean the vents of your air conditioner to prevent or reduce the accumulation of dust. This will eliminate the possibility of any potential damage to your cooling system.

6. Add extra insulation

To prevent the exposed ducts of your air conditioner from cracking, insulate them. Due to the low temperatures, the pipes are prone to cracking.

Wrap your pipes with foam duct covers and fix them with duct tape. Also, add extra insulation to the exposed wiring. 

7. Get your air conditioner professionally serviced

If you notice any discrepancies with your cooling system that you can not fix, even if it is minor, do not neglect it.

If you put off fixing the issues, it will get worse over time and completely obliterate your AC, making it too costly and late to retain it. Also, you might destroy the AC more when trying to mend it yourself cluelessly. To avoid such problems and to save time, reach out to any services that provide reliable AC repairs.

8. Sign up for an annual inspection of your AC

Register yourself to services that offer regular air conditioner maintenance. The technicians will carry out an overall inspection.

The experts will vigorously check and will be able to fix or replace a compartment readily. A professional will have the right equipment and will know what to do to optimize your cooling system.

Apart from regular checkups and inspections, it would be ideal to get yourself a proper AC. Consider all factors when buying an air conditioner and make an informed decision, try to avoid any mistakes when purchasing.

Buying a faulty or unsuitable AC would make your hard-earned money go to waste. Since prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to avoid errors when using the air conditioner.

It is better to be safe than sorry. It is more important to stay comfortable, worry-free throughout the whole year by being cautious; rather than having a last-minute freakout over your AC breakdown, ruining your day.

Hopefully, this article gives you enough information about the necessity of servicing your air conditioner before summer.