5 Simple Details That Are Often Overlooked When Building a New House

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Building your own home is an exciting venture. It’s also surprisingly popular as one of the best ways to get onto the property ladder. More and more people are undertaking this type of project. It’s fairly easy to check local regulations, employ an architect, and spend hours designing the layout and exterior appearance of your home. However, you’ll find that many people overlook the simplest of details.

It’s these details that can make a huge difference to your enjoyment and comfort in your new home. Of course, hiring the right architect and a reputable construction company in Sydney will help to ensure all bases are covered. But, you should ensure these 5 simple details are taken care of:

1. Socket Outlets

If you’ve ever rented a home you’ll know how frustrating it can be not having sockets where you need them. It means you’ll have to run extension cables around your home, increasing the risk of trips and even fires.

When you’re building your own home you shouldn’t have this issue. Consider your likely layout of a room and make sure there are sockets where you’ll need them. It’s easy to lay extra circuits in when building a home and have sockets on every wall, ensuring you always have one when you need on. It’s a lot more difficult to do this after the house has been built.

2. Closet Space

Have you ever stopped to look at how many things you have in closets and cupboards? Many people design a house and look at the flow of rooms, creating clean lines and stunning spaces. But, if you neglect to create enough closet space you’re going to ruin those clean lines with clutter and free-standing cupboards to hold all the gear you’ve got.

Include closets and storage spaces In your design plans!

3. Cleaning Cupboard

Every home needs a vacuum cleaner, brushes, and an ironing board. These are the larger items that don’t fit in standard cupboards. You need to consider them when designing your new home. This will ensure they have a home and your house can look as good as you envisioned!

4. Access

Having a great house is only as good as the access. You’ll have a path or driveway to your home as part of the build. But, consider how easy this is to navigate, the simpler it is the better. You should also allow for exterior lighting circuits that will illuminate your way, even in the dark.

It’s best to run additional conduit under your new driveway, allowing you to easily add electrics and plumbing in the future, you never know when it may be useful!

5. Smart Planning

Modern homes are increasingly incorporating smart gadgets, such as wireless camera doorbells, speakers throughout the house, and Alexa or Google to talk to.

You’re probably considering these items. You should definitely allow for them when creating your home, even if it’s just ensuring you can add the wiring systems later.

You’ll find they are useful and will help you sell the property if you ever need or want to in the future.